Optimize Your Influence

Before you can attempt to optimize your influence online, make sure that you first understand where you want to be visible and what your main focus will be. The analogy I like to use here is attempting to pick out the perfect pair of shoes without first understanding what...

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Post-Mortem: Why We Test

You have reached the end of the Internet, otherwise known as article 14 of this 14 part series. Appropriately, it seemed like a good time to raise the subject of performing post-mortem analysis on your campaigns. Presumably to get to this point you started with a...

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Influencer Negotiation: What is Fair?

You led with a pitch to the influencer, and because you understood the appropriate value assignment and picked the right product influencers it was a solid pitch. However, you find yourself now with a reply from an influencer asking for more. What to do, what to do? If...

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So You Got Your First Review; Now What?

Someone reviewed your product. Well, isn’t that special. No matter if you followed any specific targeting advice on picking the right influencer based on buyer personas, social channel selection, or influencer type needs, here you are, ready for article 10 of our 14 part series. If you have a review, you apparently nailed the...

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