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PricingSave 20% with annual. FREE!
# Active UsersThe number of users you can have at a time. 1 User 1 User 3 Users Unlimited
# Active CampaignsThe number of campaigns you can run at a time. 1 Campaign 3 Campaigns 10 Campaigns Unlimited
# Marketplace ApplicationsThe maximum number of influencers that can apply to each of your campaigns. 5 Influencers 50 Influencers 100 Influencers Unlimited
# Campaign PitchesIn addition to the # of Marketplace Applications, this is the number of influencers you can pitch on your own, per campaign. 5 Influencers 50 Influencers 500 Influencers Unlimited
Campaign Health CheckOur friendly support staff will spend 30 mins on a call with you, analyzing your campaign so you can rest assured you are in the best position! N/A 1 Time 2 Times Unlimited
Access to 16K Influencer OffersSave time and minimize negotiation with influencer offers. You pay a flat-rate fee for a service provided by the influencer and have access to optional add-on enhancements. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Access to 215K InfluencersUnlike some other platforms, our influencers have signed up and are eager to work for brands like yours. This isn't just another contact list. Yes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Campaign WizardThis intuitive Wizard (powered by our very own SallyBot) will help you set up your campaigns and enable you find the right influencers in just a few minutes! Yes Yes Yes Yes
Campaign DraftsYou don't have to create an entire campaign in one session. Conveniently pick up where you left off with campaign drafts! Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom CampaignsIf your campaign vision doesn't fit into our list of most common goals, you can create a custom campaign from scratch. No Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate CampaignsSave time by duplicating similar campaigns, rather than creating new ones from scratch. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Influencer DiscoveryOur Discover tool with Advanced Filters enables you to search our entire influencer network and easily add viable candidates to your campaigns. Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-App MessagingDitch e-mail! All communication with Influencers takes place within the platform to make things simple. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Intellifluence PaymentsFund your cash campaigns with the confidence in knowing Influencers are only paid once you approve their work, backed by the Intellifluence Promise. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brand AliasesCreate brand aliases to market different products and/or services via unique campaigns. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Categorize InfluencersCustomize Influencer visibility by adding influencers to your Favorite or Block lists. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Push NotificationsReceive up-to-the-minute alerts to stay on top of all your campaigns via web push notifications and SMS. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hassle-free Tax Accounting1099 tax forms are handled through our payment partner to save you time (and headaches). Yes Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge BaseFull access to our robust Knowledge Base, which includes answers to the most common questions. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Friendly SupportSubmit a request and a friendly Intellifluence Customer Success team member will help! Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhanced Specialty TargetingMake your Marketplace Offer open to all influencer specialties at the same time to encourage more applications. No No Yes Yes
Enhanced Influencer TargetingMake your campaign exclusive to influencers you have never worked with before. No No Yes Yes
Assisted Campaign SetupYour Dedicated Account Manager will set up and configure the campaigns based on your specifications. No No No Yes
Day-to-day Campaign ManagementFeatures up to 20 hours of dedicated campaign management per month. We will assist with campaign creation and manage the day-to-day! No No No Yes
Multi-Brand SupportCreate unlimited sub-brands with separate budgets to allocate funds to different brands within your organization or agency and manage all in one spot. No No No Yes
External Client SupportShare specific sub-brand login credentials with clients. No No No Yes
Transfer FundsSeamlessly transfer funds between sub-brands with a click of the mouse. No No No Yes
Enhanced Customer SupportTwice monthly scheduled calls with your account manager to ensure your campaign continues running smoothly. No No No Yes
External Client SupportOffer your clients a unique login to to review and manage their specific brand details. No No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intellifluence really the largest warm contact influencer network?

Yes! Intellifluence really is the largest warm contact influencer marketing network on the planet!

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Intellifluence isn’t the best solution for your business, simply cancel your account.

Do you offer any discounted plans?

Yes. For a limited time we are offering a 20% discount on annual plans when they are paid upfront.

Can I change my plan later on?

Yes. If you find that you need to downgrade or upgrade to a different plan you are able to do so.

What is a campaign pitch?

A campaign pitch enables you to contact a specific influencer with a custom offer as part of your campaign.

What is a marketplace application?

A marketplace application is when an influencer applies to be a part of your campaign if you have made it open to the public.

What does marketplace visibility refer to?

This refers to the length of time your campaign(s) will be visible to influencers in the marketplace.

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