The Intellifluence Team

Joe Sinkwitz

CEO / Co-founder

Joe has close to 20 years of experience in SEO, leading several successful digital marketing companies and providing expert consultation.

Terry Godier

CTO / Co-founder

Terry is an experienced SEO and web developer who is driven by the commitment to find innovative solutions to problems.

Eric Kaufman

Product Strategist

Eric has spent the past 15 years in tech and is experienced in finding ways to bring exceptional value and innovative solutions to clients.

Jonathan Kuster

UX Engineer

Jon has spent years building new technology and squashing bugs. His hard work ensures things keep running smoothly for everyone.

Thomas Berbner

Head of Growth Marketing

Thomas has managed countless marketing campaigns over the years, specializing in automation and traffic acquisition.

Andrew Evans

Account Manager

Andrew has a background in communications. He is committed to helping brands get the most out of their campaigns.