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Get free products and cash for your reviews!

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"I’ve created so many “extra paydays” for myself using Intellifluence, that I’ve lost count!"
- Laura Pence Atencio, Influencer & Podcast Host

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Jenny Fisher

In each Influencer Spotlight episode, we sit down with an influencer from our network and we discuss their background, as well as their unique approach to influencer marketing.

Jenny Fisher | Influencer Spotlight 92

Our influencers love us…

Intellifluence stands out in the influencer landscape as a place to find diverse opportunities. I also appreciate the more personal, hands on approach.  I highly recommend it as a place for brands and influencers to connect and collaborate!

I’ve gotten so many awesome free products and made over $500 just in 2020 [to-date] alone! I love working with a company that can connect me with brands that match my interests and allow me to build my following. It’s easier than ever now to be a mom blogger or influencer with companies like Intellifluence.

I am pleased with the Intellifluence platform and how it makes landing brand opportunities easy and quick to access. If you are looking for a great influencer marketing platform to kickstart your content creation journey, Intellifluence is a keeper plus collaboration requirements and instructions are easy to follow through!

I have absolutely loved using Intellifluence. As an influencer, it can be difficult to connect with brands and Intellifluence has made it very easy. I would recommend this platform over and over again. It’s the best.

Sophia Damasceno, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger
Intellifluence makes sponsorships a breeze! It helps me keep organized with the companies I’m working with and offers some neat brands. I love the products I’ve discovered through the platform and have incorporated some into my daily life.

I’ve created so many “extra paydays” for myself using Intellifluence, that I’ve lost count! It’s the easiest way to get matched up with companies that are a great fit for my brand and audience. I’m excited about the fantastic connections I’ve made and love the efficiency of the system.

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