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From Influencer Spotlights, where we chat with influencers in our network about their approach to influencer marketing, to helpful tutorials and updates about our system, the Intellifluence blog is chock-full of information that will help you elevate your approach to influencer marketing as a brand, influencer, talent manager or digital marketer!

ARIANNE CHAVASSE Influencer Spotlight

By |July 16th, 2019|

Arianne Chavasse is a fashion lover, travel addict, runway enthusiast and influencer on Intellifluence. Arianne has a social media audience reach of over 50,000 in addition to her blog, Say Curls, which launched in 2016. Based in Romania, Arianne says she is on a creative journey, exploring her senses of personal style with the goal of inspiring her [...]

Yes, Influencers Can Help You Create Evergreen Content

By |July 9th, 2019|

Like evergreen trees, evergreen content remains fresh and appealing year after year. Timeless content informs, engages, and inspires your readers long after its publication. It provides long-term web traffic and search engine results. If you wonder how effective evergreen content can be, ask Search Engine Watch. A single piece of evergreen content drove more than 250,000 visitors and accounted for more than [...]

CAN AHTAM Influencer Spotlight

By |July 1st, 2019|

Can Ahtam is a Turkish photographer currently residing in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience in photography, Cam specializes in portraits, fashion and lifestyle and product photography and is the founder of PortraitMeet. You can follow Can on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and go to to learn more. Can you tell us how you [...]

TANKS ENCYCLOPEDIA Influencer Spotlight

By |June 26th, 2019|

Tanks Encyclopedia is a resource that is aiming to become the first online Tank Museum. The site presents the tactics, battles, technology and evolution of tanks and armored vehicles worldwide from their origin through World War I, World War II, the Cold War and contemporary conflicts. Tanks Encyclopedia is currently comprised of more than 30 active writers, illustrators [...]

YANNI GEORGOULAKIS Influencer Spotlight

By |June 20th, 2019|

Yanni Georgoulakis is the creator of Foody Fetish, a popular Instagram account that currently has over 3.3 million followers. Yanni’s mother is Cuban and his father was born in Greece, making Yanni’s heritage diverse and inspiring him to try all sorts of food. Foody Fetish has partnered with McDonalds, Burger King, Papa Johns and Major League Baseball, to [...]

3 Steps to get Started as a Social Media Influencer

By |June 19th, 2019|

Now is a better time than ever to use content and your personality to build a following. More and more people online become influencers to spread their messages and help people, often attracting marketing deals along the way. However, in order to grow as a social media influencer, you'll have to work consistently and do things the right way. Let's [...]

6 Word-of-Mouth Campaigns That Changed Everything

By |June 13th, 2019|

Word-of-mouth marketing campaigns are the purest form of organic growth for any business or brand. You'd be surprised by how many major businesses got to where they are not solely through standard marketing but through encouraging customers to spread the word. Let's take a look at several examples of massive word-of-mouth marketing success, each telling its own story about how [...]

MINDY PARISI Influencer Spotlight

By |June 12th, 2019|

Mindy Parisi is a mother, wife, teacher and the creator of Finding Silver Linings, a blog focused on living an upbeat, creative lifestyle. Launched in 2010, the blog features style inspiration, recipes, do-it-yourself projects, crafts, beauty tips, the occasional cocktail recipe as well as curated content. Mindy describes it as a hub for people looking for ideas and [...]

Intellifluence Now World’s Largest!

By |June 10th, 2019|

You're reading that right, by passing the 50,000-influencer threshold we believe Intellifluence is now the largest warm contact influencer network. There's a lot of jargon in that sentence, so allow me to set the champagne glass aside and break it down. Warm Contact Platforms and Networks We've all seen the SaaS companies that are essentially a large databases of contacts [...]

KAMELIA BRITTON Influencer Spotlight

By |June 7th, 2019|

Kamelia Britton is a San Diego-based blogger that focuses on travel, lifestyle and inspiration. Originally from Texas, Kamelia decided to take her first big trip overseas to Europe in 2006. Shortly after, Kamelia learned about “travel hacking” and discovered ways to travel to a new country each month for pennies on the dollar. In 2016, Kamelia created her [...]

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