Last Updated on October 16, 2020

TikTok and Reddit are now supported on Intellifluence! Social media is always expanding and new platforms are constantly hitting the market which allows individuals to promote themselves on the social media channel they prefer. Different generations tend to utilize different platforms as individuals new to social media join the most popular platform at the time before they expand their presence to other channels. Intellifluence already supports Amazon, blog(s), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Podcast(s), SoundCloud, Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube and we are excited to expand our support to include Reddit and Tik Tok.

Keep Things Short and Sweet with TikTok

TikTok is a platform that allows users to create fun and engaging short-form videos on iOS and Android devices. Having the ability to create content on the go is a plus for individuals, especially Millennials (but also Gen X’ers!). As a Millennial myself,  I tend to use social media when I am out with friends and having incredible experiences that I would love to document. This social media channel is perfect for brands who are looking for short-form video content. Influencers who lead busy lives but want to create product reviews (but do not necessarily have a lot of time) would love this platform as the videos created and posted can only be a certain length.

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TikTok users create videos that are generally 15 seconds long but users can create a string of videos up to 60 seconds. TikTok offers their users the ability to create longer videos when a user reaches more than 1,000 followers. The short length of the videos allows users to both share their experience by creating a post while also still enjoying the activity they are currently involved in.

Go Longer With Reddit

While TikTok caters to users who like to create short-form content, Reddit caters to both long-form and short-form content creation. Reddit offers forums catered to individuals who are interested in various topics ranging from television fan theories and cute animals to breaking news and sports and so on. While there is no minimum character limit, a Reddit post cannot exceed 40,000 characters. Due to having been exposed to social media when Facebook and Twitter were the “hottest” platforms, I like to create both short-form content and long-form content and luckily Reddit offers both.

When a certain experience leaves a lasting impression, I tend to create longer-form content because I want to share an amazing experience with my audience. Additionally, whenever individuals see an interesting post they like having the ability to post a long comment and Reddit offers that by allowing a 15,000 character limit on comments. When I see posts by peers or individuals on social media, I will comment. Having the ability to post a long comment and voice my thoughts in a long post is ideal when compared to the alternative, which restricts my comment to an minuscule character limit.

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Now that TikTok and Reddit are supported platforms on Intellifluence, influencers will be able to increase their overall reach by linking their profiles to Intellifluence to encourage more offers. These new platforms offer brands the ability to reach a new audience. If you have a TikTok and Reddit account, link those to Intellifluence to start seeing offers from brands that need posts on those platforms. If you do not have a presence on these platforms yet, hurry and sign up so you can expand your reach and attract more offers! As always, if you’re an influencer and you haven’t joined Intellifluence for free yet, what are you waiting for?