Influencer Outreach, For Influencers

In our previous piece on interacting with your niche community and collaboration, one of the reasons to work your frenemies and the coopetition was to increase visibility. Being seen is such a large component of becoming a top tier influencer that I wanted to delve into how one can go about pushing that visibility [...]

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Community & Collaboration

Hearkening back to our kick off piece on gaining visibility and optimizing for that visibility, this post is about growth; it also builds upon the necessity of listening to one’s audience because many of those skills are required because it is important to not see yourself as a lonely product review stuck on a deserted [...]

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Be in the Know, Be First, or Be Best

As we discussed previously, one way to build a bigger audience is by engaging with and listening to that audience. One way to get more engagement is to be top-of-mind, and there are a few ways to do that: if you can be more in the know than your fellow industry influencers, [...]

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Hey Influencers, Listen To Your Audience!

While the influencer resilience post was designed to build you up when you’re frustrated, this is designed to keep you grounded. I like to think of this as the “get your sh*t together” companion piece to that article. If you’re losing your audience, don’t cast blame; rather, be retrospective about it. Get [...]

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Top Tier Influencers: Quality over Quantity

Now onto article 6 of 15, let the broken Sinkwitz record continue! We’ve covered at length the importance of keeping a focus, optimizing for that focus, and remaining resilient through the inevitable dips. Now, let us turn to the classic conundrum that faces all influencers: quality vs quantity. What Does Quality Even Mean? Quantity is [...]

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The Importance of Influencer Resilience

Welcome to article 5 of this 15 part series on how to become a top tier influencer. While this is a bit more of a standalone piece than some of the others, it would still be useful to read the following: How to improve visibility How to determine what to focus [...]

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Influencers Should Negotiate Too

At this point in the process, if you’re reading a piece on negotiating as an influencer, you have hopefully settled on an area of focus and are working hard on constantly optimizing your visibility. If you are, then it is no surprise that you’re now getting pitched. The question then: when and how should you negotiate? [...]

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Optimize Your Influence

Before you can attempt to optimize your influence online, make sure that you first understand where you want to be visible and what your main focus will be. The analogy I like to use here is attempting to pick out the perfect pair of shoes without first understanding what activity and what occasion the [...]

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Becoming a Top Tier Influencer: Get Visible

Welcome to article 1 of 15 of our new series on how to become the best possible influencer. If you are actually looking to use influencer marketing, we published a massive guide on the subject. If you’re looking to grow as an influencer, you’re in the right place. Today’s discussion is going [...]

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