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We get it; your day as a product influencer can be hectic, and sometimes you know you want to snag some new offers but forget to log in to see what’s new. What happens? Some limited quantity offers can end up being waitlisted on the day they launch – while [...]

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The Benefits of a Blogger Press Kit

A blogger press kit is a valuable tool for bloggers and influencers that helps them connect more easily with brands. If you've wondered whether you need to create a blogger press kit for your influencer career or what goes into one, find out everything you need to know below. What [...]

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How do Content Creators Make Money?

In the not so distant past, creating digital content was reserved for hobbyists. Today, creating digital content has become mainstream. For many people, content creation is more than a pastime; it's a viable career netting some of its biggest names millions of dollars every year. Do-it-yourself bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, Instagram influencers, [...]

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Influencers – You Can Make a LOT More Now

When you’re trying to grow a global network, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where it’s a lot easier to sign up one part of the network than another. For instance, from the success of our influencer-to-influencer referral offer, our wonderful influencers have managed to recommend friends and family [...]

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Introducing Support for TikTok and Reddit

TikTok and Reddit are now supported on Intellifluence! Social media is always expanding and new platforms are constantly hitting the market which allows individuals to promote themselves on the social media channel they prefer. Different generations tend to utilize different platforms as individuals new to social media join the most [...]

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4 Ways to Increase your Instagram Engagement

Instagram is great for influencers, but it's not the easiest place to get seen. On top of how crowded it is, Instagram also frequently changes its algorithm, causing new strategies to rise and old ones to fall. Over time, it's become harder to compete for views, likes, and other forms [...]

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When to Flag a Transaction

 Let’s take a minute to talk about your options as a brand or influencer when a transaction isn’t going as planned. In a perfect world, this would never happen – but we’re dealing with reality! Whether you are an influencer or are representing a brand, the process for resolving [...]

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