Intellifluence v3

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Hey Intellifluencers, We just pushed a lot of code live. While you may notice primarily some minor design updates and some functionality improvements, it was a lot bigger than that. Internally we were calling it V3 because it was part of an ongoing look at redoing all CSS and JS [...]

How to optimize your Influencer Profile (so you can have more success)

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Optimizing your influencer profile will put you in the best position to receive pitches and accepted applications from brands. Click My Profile to get an idea of how you appear to brands in our system. The profile strength percentage is a good indicator of the completeness of your profile, and [...]

How You can Become a Brand Ambassador

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The internet is full of bloggers and influencers who promote products and services in order to increase brand awareness and sales. While it might seem like a fun job (and many influencers will tell you that it is), there's a lot of work that goes into building a following and [...]

5 Lifestyle Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2019

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There are many blogs within the lifestyle niche, but a few stand out above the rest. These are bloggers who create unique content and connect with fans through their helpful advice and ideas. It's possible to learn how to develop your own blog voice and identify top bloggers to partner [...]

What is Content Syndication?

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Bloggers and thought leaders must get their names out there in order to grow their brands. A familiar name can help you land more clients, get accepted to speak at more conferences, and increase your overall status in your industry. While some people in your niche likely already have massive [...]

How to get Sponsored by Brands: A Guide to Becoming an Influencer

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As your social media presence grows, you may consider moving from a personal account to a public influencer presence. Social media influencers monetize their accounts by tapping into their large, highly-engaged audiences. As more brands look to engage micro-influencers, more bloggers and internet personalities are taking steps to get noticed. [...]

Why You Should Cleanse Your Account of Ghost Followers

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Social media influencers know their follower count plays an important role in their ability to attract advertisers. Some brands will only work with influencers who have certain follower levels, and many people try to grow their accounts to attract higher-paying companies. However, more brands are focusing on quality over quantity. [...]

How to Collaborate with Brands as a Blogger

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As your blog continues to grow, you begin to monetize it with ads, paid sponsorships, and collaborations with brands. While this is an exciting time as your hard work starts to pay off, it can be hard to find brands to work with. Follow this guide to find brands that [...]

5 Things Brands Look for in Social Media Influencers

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The influencer marketing industry is becoming increasingly competitive as more people work to grow their followings and get noticed by the brands they love. From reality show stars to YouTube celebrities, it can sometimes feel like you're up against some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Fortunately, most brands are [...]