What is a Micro-Influencer?

These days, business have quite a few options when it comes to accessing different types of influencers. First, there are aspirational influencers such as celebrities and models whom people want to be like. Next, you have authoritative influencers who use their expertise to make recommendations. Finally, you have micro-influencers, otherwise known [...]

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What Is a Digital Influencer?

If you want to launch a successful influencer marketing campaign, then you have to understand the nature of digital influencers and how they can help your brand. These individuals can make or break your promotion efforts, leading you to reach your ROI goals or worry about your remaining budget. Knowing [...]

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Profile Strength: What’s in it For Me?

For all our influencers wondering what's happening with profile strength, this brief post is for you. Many years ago, back in Intellifluence version 1.1, we launched something we referred to as profile strength, which was a measurement of how complete an influencer's profile was within our evolving network on any [...]

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Build That Email List

My dear influencer, you are nearly there. If there’s one last thing I could implore you to do, it is this: build that email list! It is one thing to have followers, but another thing entirely to have fans, and fans are likely to give you their email. Why should you [...]

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SPA Day — Syndicate. Promote. Amplify.

If there’s one thing I want to get across to you on this piece it is this: great content cannot exist in a vacuum. When I was Chief of Revenue for CopyPress this was a constant pitch I’d make to organizations that were spending good money creating some really interesting [...]

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Become an Authoritative Writer

Trying to build up your expertise? As you’re offline at conferences and meeting those in your community that command speaking slots, have you noticed anything about the majority of them? They write. The reality is, authors are sought after for the best interviews, speaking slots, and media offers, which of [...]

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Go Offline to Win Online

If you haven’t guessed the theme of what matters by now in piece 12 of 15 on the series of becoming a top tier influencer, in addition to focusing on creating quality content within ones’ chosen niche, it is vital to expand your visibility by listening to your audience, being [...]

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Want Hyper Growth? Adopt Early

We’ve gone over several methods to help you grow your audience, from basic visibility tips and optimization, to working with the coopetition and doing outreach. One item that is often neglected though is a very simple tactic: early adoption of new platforms. Why adopt early? Being an early player on a [...]

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