How to use the Marketplace

The Marketplace is where our brands post offers that you can apply to.

As an influencer, it’s the first place you should visit upon completing your profile. If you arrive at the Marketplace and you’re not seeing a lot of offers, make sure your profile strength score is looking good.

You’ll want to make sure you have added all of your applicable social networks, review accounts, blogs, etc. to your Intellifluence profile. You’ll also want to make sure you have selected relevant specialties and have correctly set your location and compensation preferences. Check out How to Optimize Your Influencer Profile for more information.

Within the Marketplace, you will see all of the offers you currently qualify for.

Each offer card will show you the campaign name, the campaign goal and the compensation. Also, it will show you if a purchase is required to participate (note that we require brands to fully reimburse influencers for any purchase they have to make as part of the required work of a campaign). Hover over the top right corner and click the menu options icon to view more details, decline an irrelevant offer, ask the brand a question, or block a brand if you don’t want to see anymore offers from them.

When you click View Details, you will see all of the required work for the campaign and learn more about the brand making the offer. You’ll also see the campaign end date, campaign goal, the compensation offered, any information required from you to join, the link to include in your work, a suggested post message and posting do’s and don’ts.

Make sure you agree to complete all of the required work before applying. You always have the option to ask the brand a question or decline the opportunity. If you think you’re a fit, go ahead and click Apply to Campaign. Write a brief intro, letting the brand know why you are a good fit for the campaign then click Apply.

The brand will then review your application and if they think you are a good fit, will send you a pitch. It’s important to note that you are not accepted to a campaign until you have received the pitch from the brand and you accept the pitch.

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So do not start any work until you have accepted the pitch from the brand – applying for a campaign doesn’t guarantee you will be accepted.

If a campaign is currently full, you can still apply and you will be added to a waitlist. Brands can pitch you once your application comes off the waitlist.

You can click the Advanced Filters link to filter Marketplace offers based on categories, social networks, campaign goals, compensation, and much more. You can modify or clear these filters at any time.

You can even display offers you don’t qualify for by clicking Show Me Offers I Don’t Qualify For. While you won’t be able to apply to the campaigns, it can help you determine what you need to do to qualify. Click on the View Details button to see the campaign minimum requirements you do not currently meet. You can then work to boost your profile to qualify.

Once you have applied for a Marketplace offer, it will show up under Transactions. If you need any assistance once you have accepted a pitch from a brand, check out How to Complete a Transaction as an Influencer or feel free to contact Intellifluence support at any time.