Influencers, thank you for trusting us. When we launched Intellifluence in the Summer of 2016 we had no idea what a journey we were in for. The conventional thinking at the time was that we’d either be at 100,000 influencers working with us in a couple months…or maybe it’d take 10 years – we split the difference and have thankfully been continuing to pick up steam adding quality individuals on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. It seems like just yesterday we crossed 50,000, cementing our role in the industry.

What makes Intellifluence unique is that we put so much emphasis on ensuring that we have a smoothly functioning, active, warm-contact network. Every one of your peers in the system signed up to work with brands, just like you. When they have problems, our support team jumps in to help as much as possible (our philosophy of taking care of influencers as much as we take care of brands is why we came up with our Promise). When people try to manipulate the network and hurt you, we remove them no matter how much potential revenue we might lose in the process. We will always keep fighting to give you the network you deserve, no matter how big we get.

Now, we have enormous plans for this year for our influencer community and can barely contain our collective excitement. There are going to be more ways to connect, more ways to earn, and more ways to grow your overall influence. We’re still in a pandemic here in Arizona so we can’t get together as a team just yet (the article image is from a company outing early last year), but we’ll be toasting you, our cherished influencers, with champagne as soon as we can.

Thank you for sticking with us.