Why Influencer Marketing is Essential for Start-ups

Brands have many different marketing opportunities that they can take advantage of to drive sales. However, when it comes to digital marketing for start-ups, social media shouldn't be overlooked. Regardless of your industry, social media creates opportunities that start-ups otherwise wouldn't have. Here are a few reasons why social media [...]

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Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Social media has changed how people communicate, connect with others, and convey information. It has created celebrities in the form of influencers and content creators while also bringing the world countless memes and animal videos. Despite the humor and baby photos found across the social web, social media still plays [...]

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How to Find the Right Influencers

The influencers you work with can elevate your brand and drive traffic and leads to your business, gearing you up for success. However, if you work with the wrong people, you may be left feeling like something went wrong somewhere along the way. Often times the problem lies in a [...]

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How to Successfully Integrate Influencers Into Your Marketing

In the early ages of digital marketing, social media was the Wild West. Social best practices changed so quickly that some brands were left in the dust while others served as early adopters — seemingly light-years ahead of the rest of us. Even today, social channels like Facebook and Twitter [...]

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What Does Social Media Reach Mean, Anyway?

Data analytics and KPIs will create a foundation for your influencer marketing efforts. Without trackable data, you won't be able to see which influencers are driving traffic or sales to your brand and which influencers are helping your brand get exposure to the bulk of their audiences. One metric in [...]

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7 Marketing Buzzwords You May Want to Avoid

Marketers love buzzwords. A clear, concise term can assuage any fears that management might have about a particular strategy or tactic while giving the staff goals to work toward to achieve those buzzword goals. However, in some cases, these terms do more harm than good. Some marketers get so caught [...]

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6 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Strategies That Work

Your influencer marketing campaign works on multiple levels. While everyone wants a celebrity like Lebron James or Tom Brady to promote their products, many smart companies are learning the benefits of relying on micro-influencers (or peer influencers) to share their brand. These are influencers with experience (but not necessarily massive [...]

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