How To Create a Social Media Marketing Agreement

Creating a social media marketing agreement between your brand and influencers may seem simple, but having an agreement is important for the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign. Brands don't always treat this agreement seriously because the responsibility is largely on them to make the right impression and get influencers [...]

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Create a Winning Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

You can easily get caught up in paid online advertising and try to get the most out of your dollars spent. However, word-of-mouth marketing strategy can turn small amounts of invested time into a major payoff. Explore some excellent strategies to consider when planning your word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Target User-Generated Content [...]

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How to Optimize Your Influencer Outreach

As you start to explore the world of influencer marketing, you will discover there are thousands of influencers of all different industries, specialties, and sizes. It can feel overwhelming to try and find the best candidates for your campaign. Fortunately, if you know what to look for in the world [...]

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How to Encourage Better Deliverables From Influencers

Successful influencer marketing campaigns rely on evaluation and deliverables. The influencers you work with can't know if they're doing a good job without feedback, and you can't know if the campaigns are a success without reviewing them with a critical eye. One way you can make the evaluation process easier [...]

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Analyzing Social Media Sentiment

Social media isn't just a numbers game. Along with reaching thousands of people, you also need to get those people to engage with you — and engage in a way that is positive and drives website traffic and sales. This isn't always easy. Often, brands have high levels of engagement, [...]

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Collaborate with Influencers to Achieve Your Goals

Influencer marketing is a great way to grow your business and boost your exposure. However, it also benefits the social media professionals you work with. Many influencers rely on brands needing their clout to help pay the bills and increase their credibility. The best companies will collaborate with their influencers [...]

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Influencer Marketing for Brand Awareness

Brands that use influencer marketing to grow their business benefit in several ways. Some marketers look to drive sales with their messaging, while others want to reach new audiences and grow their reach. By creating a successful brand awareness campaign, your company can move hundreds of new leads down the [...]

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Social Media Buzzwords: Are They Effective or Just Annoying?

There's a lot of chatter on social media, but that doesn't mean a lot is being said. While many people seek out valuable insights and in-depth discussions, plenty of people and brands are shamelessly spreading spam, using buzzwords they don't understand, and generally trolling others on the web. The clutter [...]

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Why You Should Never Overlook Peer Influence

For centuries, people have relied on their peers to distinguish favorable traits from unfavorable. As modern medicine evolved, people realized that those who regularly washed their hands helped prevent the spread of disease, while those who didn't were more likely to pass on undesirable microbes. Peer influencers play a healthy [...]

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