Agencies with lots of Intellifluence users and large corporations with several departments all wanting to use us, this is for you (i.e., our awesome Advanced subscribers).

One of the issues we understand some of you run into is the need to keep information separate. Client data at an agency level, budget details and funding from different departments, hiding your best ideas from Jack who sits on the other side of the office…what is his deal anyway, always trying to pass off your ideas as his?!

In order to accommodate you, we needed to make some changes. The changes are somewhat significant as creating a tiered brand structure wherein a parent brand could have multiple sub-brands with autonomous budget and data visualization controls required a bit of rewriting to ensure no information is accidentally exposed to those without the right sub-brand or parent brand permissions. This update therefore had to touch every aspect of our reporting, handling of incoming funds, campaign & transaction views…everything. Otherwise it would have been released as an October update.


Advanced subscribers can now add sub-brands and allocate funds to these unique sub-brands.


Advanced subscribers can easily browse unique campaigns associated with sub-brands in the Campaigns view.

While we were at it, since this felt like such a big security change, we also took the opportunity to update our own internal security practices for administrators requiring 2FA re-authentication for any query that touches potentially sensitive information, even during active sessions.

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That’s right, this became a good practices security update the deeper we went. As we keep growing, we recognize this might put targets on our backs and by proxy, the backs of our users. Therefore, we made some changes to keep in line with our philosophy of reducing as much friction and risk as possible when using Intellifluence so you can be happy customers for years to come.