How to Pitch Influencers

By now in this series you have a good idea of what your goal is, you know who are ultimately trying to influence, have picked the social channels you’re going to start with, and at this point have a list of which product reviewing influencers you want to work with. The difference between knowing...

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Time to Pick the Right Product Influencers

This is article 7 of the 14 part series; you’re just about halfway done — believe me when I say that if you read from the beginning to the end you’ll be more versed on influencer marketing than 90% of the industry that actively sells the service for a...

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Who Exactly Are You Trying to Influence?

In our previous post of this 14 article series, we discussed how to set influencer campaign goals. It is time to get more nuanced for article #4, and delve into the underlying psychology and factors surrounding who you are trying to influence when building out buyer...

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, as defined by a bunch of old marketers such as ourselves, can be simply stated as having someone tell your story for you. One common example that most people associate with this type of marketing can be seen on television and in movies...

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