Introducing Support for TikTok and Reddit

TikTok and Reddit are now supported on Intellifluence! Social media is always expanding and new platforms are constantly hitting the market which allows individuals to promote themselves on the social media channel they prefer. Different generations tend to utilize different platforms as individuals new to social media join the most [...]

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Yes, Influencers Can Help You Create Evergreen Content

Like evergreen trees, evergreen content remains fresh and appealing year after year. Timeless content informs, engages, and inspires your readers long after its publication. It provides long-term web traffic and search engine results. If you wonder how effective evergreen content can be, ask Search Engine Watch. A single piece of evergreen [...]

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How to Create Compelling Content on Social Media

While social media marketing may be extremely powerful, it takes creativity and some good psychology to get the best results. After all, if people don't find your content interesting, it hardly matters how often you post it. Let's go over some key methods for making social media content that inspires [...]

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Media Spend

ROI (return on investment) is the most basic and reliable way to judge whether something is working for your business. With social media and influencer marketing, your decisions should be based on getting the most out of every dollar spent paying influencers and posting content. Here are some important guidelines [...]

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How to Archive Transactions and Campaigns

If you want to end a campaign or you find yourself running into your plan limits and want to launch a new campaign, you might want to make an older campaign inactive so it doesn't count against your plan limits anymore. That said, you can compare plan features and upgrade [...]

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When to Flag a Transaction

 Let’s take a minute to talk about your options as a brand or influencer when a transaction isn’t going as planned. In a perfect world, this would never happen – but we’re dealing with reality! Whether you are an influencer or are representing a brand, the process for resolving [...]

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