Last Updated on October 15, 2021

How to Use Influencer Offers as a Brand

After sitting on my giant yellow legal pad of “must do” ideas and the 5 year roadmap for far too long, I’m here to say Intellifluence is finally launching something I’m elated to share with you as months of development… Influencer Offers.

For those not familiar with Intellifluence already, we are the largest warm contact influencer network that provides discovery and workflow management for brands looking to engage influencers on a campaign basis.

We’re obviously big fans of the warm contact approach, but it now allows us to do something a little different from the industry, in the form of influencer led offers.

In a typical influencer platform, there might be some details about an influencer and a possible method of contact; from the get go we made the decision to instead provide as much of the toolset as possible directly to influencers, to ensure they’d want to actually work on platform for ease, new opportunities, and payouts. The next logical step was to put the controls in their hands, which is what Influencer Offers does.

An influencer in our network can now build an offer centered on the social activity they’re willing to do at a fixed price, as tailored and as unique as they are. All influencers that use Intellifluence via the web and iOS / Android v1.1 or later now have access. Based on the interesting array of offers I’ve seen since soft launching to our clever creators, I believe this will set us apart.

A brand that struggles with understanding how much to pitch can relax, knowing the calculation is handled in the buy-it-now pricing. A brand that only needs a few influencers for a project can engage with a top influencer network without absorbing a forced annual contract. Oh and to make the value more absurd, Influencer Offers can be accessed by a new specialty FREE account for those that just want to work with a subset of our users on a fixed offer basis without traditional discovery and campaign management features. All other existing plan types of course have access as well.

If you don’t have a brand account with us yet, what are you waiting for?