If there’s one thing I’ve learned running Intellifluence, it is to always listen to your users. When we launched Influencer Offers last year at this time, we saw a very rapid increase in brands rushing to check it out. Since then, we’ve been collecting feedback on how to make the experience better for everyone involved.

Since most of the feedback we received over that period came from brands on the FREE subscription plan, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the changes they wanted the most was to be more like the paid plans. What does this mean?

At launch, the free plan brand users were only able to make purchases directly through Influencer Offers and were not able to coordinate with influencers via campaigns and Discover process. This was by design as we wanted to have a way to differentiate value amongst paid and non-paid plans. However, after analyzing usage data across plans, we believe we can accomplish both plan differentiation and satisfy the overwhelming feedback received.

Who will see the most benefit?

Subscribers to our FREE plan will see the most obvious benefits. As of this writing, you’ll now be able to run an influencer campaign with 5 influencers – this is more significant than outsiders might realize as that number is based on active influencers within a campaign. The faster transactions are completed, the more overall influencers can be worked in such a campaign. FREE plan users will also be able to, on a limited basis, use our Discover engine to find specific influencers for their campaigns. We’ve calculated normal expected use of both Discover and typical campaign usage to come up with limitations while still allowing full use of the platform. This will be the ideal plan for those with low, sporadic influencer needs.

The other big winner will be those brands on our Starter plan without high usage needs. If you’re a brand that needed to run a single campaign of only a few influencers at a time, you can downgrade while still accomplishing your goals. When you find you need to work with more than 5 at a time, you can re-upgrade with our hassle-free process. Starter is a much more powerful plan than our FREE plan, so the majority will still benefit by remaining on it, but 10-15% may see enough benefit to downgrade and save on the subscription fee.

Influencers. While I’m pleased with our Influencer Offers usage on a transaction basis,  we have over 200,000 influencers and ~10,000 influencer offers, which means roughly 5% influencer visibility towards FREE plan users. Now that FREE plan users will be able to access all influencers, there’s a much higher likelihood of an influencer being selected than before. I still highly recommend creating buy-it-now influencer offers as a large number of brands prefer one-off activity to creating campaigns, but this will help to get more people more work through 2023. Given the state of the global economy, working to get as many people work as possible on an affordable basis for brands seems like a worthwhile goal – it’s something our competition cannot come close to offering.

If you represent a brand or agency and haven’t gotten a FREE plan yet, don’t hesitate. If you’re an aspiring influencer / creator, get on board and enjoy yourself working with those brands.