How to Create the Best Content Marketing Strategy for Your Niche

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Content marketing can serve as a valuable lead generation tool for your brand. Content comes in all shapes and sizes, from 30-second videos to multi-chapter eBooks. While you may be tempted to jump in and start creating content to attract your target audience, there are processes that you need to [...]

How You can Become a Brand Ambassador

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The internet is full of bloggers and influencers who promote products and services in order to increase brand awareness and sales. While it might seem like a fun job (and many influencers will tell you that it is), there's a lot of work that goes into building a following and [...]

5 Lifestyle Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2019

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There are many blogs within the lifestyle niche, but a few stand out above the rest. These are bloggers who create unique content and connect with fans through their helpful advice and ideas. It's possible to learn how to develop your own blog voice and identify top bloggers to partner [...]

How to Create an Awesome Hashtag for Your Brand

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Hashtags serve as a way to communicate across the web. A simple phrase can connect people from different sides of the globe under one message. From the #ShareaCoke tag to the #IceBucketChallenge, thousands of people can immediately understand the message with just a few words. Creating a hashtag for your [...]

What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing in 2019?

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Throughout the day, your customers click, comment, share, and post. They are highly active on a variety of social media platforms, each differing based on their behavior and interests. With all of this sharing and networking going on, it can be hard for brands to keep up! Let's review the [...]

5 Things Brands Look for in Social Media Influencers

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The influencer marketing industry is becoming increasingly competitive as more people work to grow their followings and get noticed by the brands they love. From reality show stars to YouTube celebrities, it can sometimes feel like you're up against some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Fortunately, most brands are [...]

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

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Given the recent buzz about them, you may be wondering “What is a brand ambassador?” Brand ambassadors are individuals who love particular brands and their associated products and services. They may be celebrities, experts in the brand's field, your employees, or customers. While they come from all walks of life, [...]

4 Surefire Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Instagram

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Instagram is a visual social platform, an environment where being seen matters. If you don't attract eyeballs, you can't forge the strategic brand partnerships required to be a true influencer. Use the following surefire strategies to increase Instagram visibility and make the most of this booming social platform. Post Instagram [...]