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North Korea

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This list features the top 10 influencers: North Korea.

Minjae Lee
I'm a freelancer artist Minjae Lee, and have 280,000 follower on Facebook, and 30,000 on Insta. I usually using traditional materials for my art, (Pen,marker,...
305K Reach
  • $1,000+
  • $1,000+
Ali Ertugrul profile photo
Ali Ertugrul
We have a wide range of audience globally with social experiment, cultural content, sightseeing,cosmetics, food and conversation videos. We are promoting famous...
223K Reach
  • $400+
  • $150+
jjungvely . profile photo
jjungvely .
I'm interested in beauty, fashion as a sns influence (youtuber and instagramer). And also i wanna be beautiful and fasionable woman.
126K Reach
  • $100+
  • $100+
Yoon Heesun
bag, shoes
123K Reach
  • $50+
  • n/a
moonsun kim profile photo
moonsun kim
beauty, infant care, life style, fashion
120K Reach
  • $202+
  • $199+
Melody Soo-hyun Lim
Hi, I am a Fashion & Beauty creator, like taking emotional pictures. :)
95K Reach
  • $121+
  • $65+
GUN HWI PARK profile photo
I am doin as composer & pop/rock keyboardist in KoreaI want to promote watch or equipments of music.  
69K Reach
  • $250+
  • $251+
Beauty and trip
53K Reach
  • $50+
  • $50+
Boram Jang profile photo
Boram Jang
Beauty, Fashion
44K Reach
  • $194+
  • n/a
Yumi Kim profile photo
Yumi Kim
Hi, I'm Yumi Kim from Korea!I've got over 25K subscribers on YouTube. You can find me "Rose ASMR". On my channel, I make relaxing sounds video...
43K Reach
  • $10+
  • $10+
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