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Yumi Kim
Yumi Kim
Hi, I'm Yumi Kim from Korea!I've got over 25K subscribers on YouTube. You can find me "Rose ASMR". On my channel, I make r...
104K Reach
Stephen Hazel
Stephen Hazel
Hi, there. My name is Stephen, but just Steve.I'm a guitarist, and I make guitar related videos on YouTube. Ranging from guitar...
57K Reach
Helen Grube
Helen Grube
Hello! My name is Helen Grube, I am a mixed Geman / Venezuelan who lives in Seoul, South Korea.I am a youtuber and influencer, I love to tra...
31K Reach
ideo Brenner-Loegel
ideo Brenner-Loegel
Hi,I'm Cyril aka ideo. I’m a french character-designer, illustrator, caricaturist and tattoo artist based in Jeju, South Korea. Ma...
8K Reach
Jung Park
Jung Park
Biz owner, content creator,marketing(storytelling) consultant, DJ(house and hiphop), fitness junkie(gym), style aficionado, lifestyle lover....
6K Reach
Hyun Lee
I'm a copperplate calligrapher. Therefore I'd love to review calligraphy products. For example, inks, nibs, pen holders,etc...I'm an o...
3K Reach

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