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The Intellifluence community is built of more than 37,000 influencers.
This list features the top 10 influencers: Germany.

Sara Adrian
Fashion, Accessories, Beauty
1M Reach
  • $500+
  • $500+
Chiara Mupanduki profile photo
Chiara Mupanduki
Chiara is a 26 year old bicultural fashion enthusiast currently based in Berlin. Her international readership covers USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and Fra...
982K Reach
  • $503+
  • $53+
Peter Sekeres profile photo
Peter Sekeres
LaterFashion @fashiontrendtab account 
973K Reach
  • $100+
  • n/a
Arman Kashani profile photo
Arman Kashani
Fashion | Lifestyle | Dance 
271K Reach
  • $1,000+
  • $198+
chris schoeler profile photo
chris schoeler
Hi, my name is Chris. I run Twisted Male Mag, a fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle blog, and of course I am very active on Social Media platforms like...
247K Reach
  • $150+
  • $150+
Brandon Dominguez profile photo
Brandon Dominguez
Hey I am Brandon Dominguez and I am blogger from Germany. I love fashion. I am sharing all kind of styles with my community. I would love to promote clothes, wa...
220K Reach
  • $50+
  • $50+
Taona Carissa
I am a travel/lifestyle influencer with a following of Europe, US and Australia.
215K Reach
  • $10+
  • $10+
Silke Untch profile photo
Silke Untch
I'm Silke, 30, from Munich Germany and a fashion, travel and lifestyle influencer. I love to inspire all my followers with upcoming fashion, usable lifestyl...
153K Reach
  • $250+
  • $250+
Penelope Bielckus profile photo
Penelope Bielckus
I am a travel blogger based in the UK with a substantial following from both the UK and USA. I specialise in blogging about budget travel and student travel, wi...
153K Reach
  • $250+
  • $250+
My name is Polina and I am Russian girl based in Germany. I graduated in Marketing, speak Russian, English and Italian. I love travelling, passionate about Make...
121K Reach
  • $10+
  • $10+
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