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Lillian Pierson
 AI Star ️→Developing data strategies for next-level business success →Coaching techies to grow their biz ♡tech♡lifestyle
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Professionally I work with Digital Marketing, Technology and Innovation. Personally I love Beers, Burgers & Travel (not necessarily in this order). I'm...
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Kyle Elliott profile photo
Kyle Elliott
Thanks for your interest in partnering!I launched Kyle Elliott Consulting ( in 2013 in order to fuel my soy, sugar-free vanilla latte addict...
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Neal Schaffer profile photo
Neal Schaffer
I focus on providing social media marketing advice for businesses, so any tools and software related to software or marketing would be great. Also, I travel fre...
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Tarcisio Junior profile photo
Tarcisio Junior
O E-Dublin é referência absoluta para intercambistas brasileiros no país. O maior site de Intercâmbio na Irlanda.E-Dublin is an absolu...
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Jorge Olson profile photo
Jorge Olson
Jorge Olson is an expert in Consumer Packaged Goods, Beverages and Marketing Strategy. His followers are high end professional executives, investors, distributo...
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moni villar
fashion , lifestyle, beauty , baby, travel, tech blogger and influencer
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Ali Shehab
For more than 15 years, I’ve been into different roles in the Media industry.My principal area of expertise is producing content based on deep researches....
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Jocelyn Walker profile photo
Jocelyn Walker
fashion blogger/social media influencer
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Herve DIDIER profile photo
A business school professor and a digital marketing entrepreneur, I'd be happy to help promote BtoB products and services (business software, online courses, cr...
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