Aaron Bidochka

Aaron Bidochka


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Hello, my name is Aaron Bidochka. I am the creator of the "RCSparks Studio", and during our tenure we have cultivated the largest online network of Radio Control Hobby enthusiasts in the world. I have been an online influencer since before being an influencer was a recognized "thing".

I, (we), along with my lovely wife Jem, have built an entire Full Time career & brand of 14+ years on YouTube (2008), and a variety of social media. We have worked with more than 100 different brands on a variety of different partnerships and product placement opportunities. Some of the brands I have worked with include Caterpillar (Industrial), Qysea, FORD, CAP-IT, Armortek, Traxxas, MGM Controllers, HPI Products, Hollyland Technology, HRP Distribution, RC4WD, the list continues. 

We have worked with many international brands and have a very targeted audience. "Advertainment" is our overall goal with our productions, and partnerships. We can only select products and partnerships that will align with our brand, and of course - with the needs of our audience. This way we can truly deliver one-of-a-kind performances - and meet the expectations of our partners.

As for myself - I am a pilot of Radio Control Hobby and Industrial Equipment.  Land, Air, and Water (above and below ie: submarine), I have piloted more items remotely than most anyone in the world.  Drones, Airplanes, Tanks, Trucks, Cars, Submarines, even a full size 7000lb RC Skid Steer wheel loader.  I am a builder, a fabricator, and designer of Radio Control dreams that come true. Radio Controlled Skate board? No Problem.  Battery Operated E-... ANYTHING? Chances are, we can learn it if you have invented it.  Lipo Batteries? We are very used to high Current.

At the RCSparks Studio, we have 200 acres of Private Forest, Trails, Creeks, Outdoor Tennis/Basketball Court, a Swimming Pool (indoors) and endless possibilities to ensure your production quality standards are the best we can offer.  We have an indoor studio and full workshop available for multiple projects.   We are no strangers to overcoming production obstacles, and are completely professional. We have a long-standing repuation of being among the best in the business. 

We do every piece of the production and management in-house. From idea conception to a finished product, with post marketing.

If you have a techy item, or want our family-run business/brand to assist in helping demonstrate the FUN your product can deliver.. THEN WE ARE YOUR INFLUENCERS!

Let's have a chat, and see if our ideas and goals align.

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