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Sporting Goods

The Intellifluence community is built of more than 78,000 influencers.
This list features the top 10 influencers in the "Sporting Goods" category.

Jaalam Perez profile photo
Jaalam Perez
Creador del personaje Nana Calistar en México, 6 años de trayectoria en las redes sociales y medios digitales, más de 7 millones de seguidores en Facebook y más...
8M Reach
  • n/a
  • n/a
neo gol profile photo
neo gol
Neogol.com Fútbol; Liga, Champions, Portadas, Rankings y estadísticas del mejor fútbol del Mundo
5M Reach
  • $50+
  • n/a
Kalani Ahmad profile photo
Kalani Ahmad
KalaniBallFree “Ball Is Life” I do amazing basketball tricks using a Basketball. I pretty much can spin a ball on anything.
5M Reach
  • $1,500+
  • n/a
Dominique Hourani profile photo
Dominique Hourani
Famous Singer and actress and tv Presentor Influencer and brand ambassador and  reality Tv star through my program dominique around the world searchin...
4M Reach
  • $300+
  • $1,000+
Artyom Sokolov profile photo
Artyom Sokolov
Now all my time I deserve to making videos with my unique ideas and spreading these ideas throughout the world! Now I have 2.5 million followers in Tiktok, and...
3M Reach
  • $20+
  • $20+
Satish Kushwaha profile photo
Satish Kushwaha
Entrepreneur | Blogger | YouTube Content Creator Having More than 800k Subscribers Channels :Fitness Fighters (800K+ Subs) : LinkSatish Kushwaha (130K + Su...
2M Reach
  • $501+
  • $41+
Jon Brownell profile photo
Jon Brownell
Los Angeles, CAFitness & HealthComedy SketchesActor | ModelVideographer | PhotographerI Literally Do It All & I'm Good At What I Do.
2M Reach
  • $299+
  • $250+
Michael Wallace profile photo
Michael Wallace
33 year old father of two girls . I have 1.6 million Facebook followers 81k YouTube followers and 28k Twitter followers
2M Reach
  • $262+
  • $55+
Texto Servidora profile photo
Texto Servidora
Ilustradora y Comunicadora Visual. Social Media. Influencer.Todo a base de imágenes y buen sentido del humor.
2M Reach
  • $30+
  • n/a
Claudius Vertesi profile photo
Claudius Vertesi
Im the world's biggest scooter YouTuber with over 710K Subscribers & love making awesome engaging content for my audience that is continuously growing e...
2M Reach
  • $1,000+
  • n/a
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