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manuel marinari
manuel marinari
Manuel Marinari (born 6 August, 1989) is an Italian entrepreneur, social media influencer, content creator and digital marketer. Marinari is...
138K Reach
yu ching yeh
yu ching yeh
I’m a blogger form Taiwan. Have two kids and one dog. Love to share everything including food、travel and life experience via blog.And...
53K Reach
Erika Jhane Ramos
Erika Jhane Ramos
I love taking care of myself that is why I enjoy some of physical activities or sports related to my health, beauty products, healthy food a...
40K Reach
Sean McCormack
Sean McCormack
I'm an animal rescuer and dog rehabilitator. I've been rescuing dogs, cats, and all kinds of other animals in Taiwan for over 20 yea...
27K Reach
Monica Hsueh
Monica Hsueh
I'm Monica and I have worked in the media industry for almost 10 years. I have my own channel and a media platform channel too, called R...
26K Reach
Mary  Jane Tuquib
Mary Jane Tuquib
Mary Jane L TuquibBlogger A Influencer YouTuber a caretaker in Taiwan a Mother I love sharing a review of the product I try sharing my thoug...
4K Reach
Ash Boden
Ash Boden
Sole creator and publisher of, I moved to Taiwan 5 years ago with no command of the Mandarin language. Since having studi...
3K Reach
Shika Lu
I'm an aromatherapist/ life& home stylist in China, representing the high quality luxury Italian/Spanish furniture brands and home decor bra...
2K Reach
Ko-Ting Chang
Ko-Ting Chang
I am a world traveler! Born in Taiwan but grew up most of my teenage years in the beautiful island of Republic of Palau. Spent my transition...
2K Reach
Dylan Wentink
I work in various industries/ field, the primary three being: Luxury yachting (marine engineer), Life coaching (professional life coach & Ma...
2K Reach

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