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This list features the top 10 influencers: Hungary.

Palffy Attila profile photo
Palffy Attila
Paul street - Hungarian Youtuber YT: 270.000 subscribers Instagram: 37.000 subs 2-2.500.000 views per month
274K Reach
  • $350+
  • n/a
Elek Vicc profile photo
Elek Vicc
Looking forward to working with confident brands that are searching for the best opportunity to promote their products/services in Europe.
229K Reach
  • $250+
  • $300+
Kristóf Szabó
I'm interested in any trandy and fashionable products which is popular in the current time.
137K Reach
  • $50+
  • $50+
Zoltan Eberhart profile photo
Zoltan Eberhart
I like innovations and meeting new people.My interests are creative ideas, youtube, travelling, good food, computers, Internet, science, DIY...,I am a...
104K Reach
  • $10+
  • $25+
Ugodi Tibor profile photo
Ugodi Tibor
I'm a blogger style. I deal with men's fashion. Ooo has 22000 followers on instagram. The web page www.tiborstiluslapja.hu and my bog: My blog
65K Reach
  • $1+
  • $1+
Marton Vincze profile photo
Marton Vincze
 Youtube Gamer and Vlogger
54K Reach
  • $10+
  • $10+
Daniel Kenyeres profile photo
Daniel Kenyeres
Hi! I'm a hungarian YouTuber, who makes comedy based videos, music video clips and lot of sketches. Also I unbox products and review them, sometimes put the...
52K Reach
  • n/a
  • $20+
Luca Czinege profile photo
Luca Czinege
I would like to receive: sports products, makeup, everything about fashion, phone accessories and decoration:) I have a blog on Instagram. It is about sports,...
49K Reach
  • n/a
  • n/a
Viktoria Laszlo
I'm a crazy cat lady, techlover, Game of Thrones addict, Nintendo enthusiast videomaker.
37K Reach
  • $100+
  • $60+
Tamara Rajzó profile photo
Tamara Rajzó
Hungarian award nominated fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Travel and food&drink is my new obsession. 
30K Reach
  • $57+
  • $1+
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