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This list features the top 10 influencers: Namibia.

Sharon Tjimbundu
Sharon Tjimbundu is a household name, famously known as a Television presenter at the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) for Sports New...
106K Reach
Shannon Goses
Radio Anchor/HostessBrand Influencer Lets just vibe
24K Reach
Helen Kambonde
Do not limit yourself, do anything that you like or makes you happy.
23K Reach
Tjeripo Kahimunu,also known as Himba Boi is a young ambitious Himba man born and raised in Namibia(Africa).in a nutshell i'm a marketing stu...
21K Reach
Monique English
Monique English is a 24-year-old young girl. She released her first debut single Destination in April 2015. The producer is Laurenzo Davids...
15K Reach
Hip Hop artist and music lover /Very much in to fashion wear and style / love to wear jewelry / love sneakers / Also ready and looking for...
14K Reach
Heinrich Teofilus
I'm a Namibian Youtuber. I do different types of videos Inc. Comedy, reactions, piano etc. I'm a also a Namibian music promoter and a graphi...
13K Reach
Lamek H Kanyangela
I'm a YouTuber, a Vlogger, a Photographer, a Videographer and a Blogger. I film all events and my daily life. I love technology and interact...
12K Reach
Frieda Lukas
Hi, Its Miss Lukas here, residing in Windhoek, Namibia. I am interested in brands and products that are related to fashion,beauty , shoes na...
12K Reach
Jesaya Namalemo
Have something in mind, choose me to advertise for you. I'm insta famous, Facebook famous and YouTube famous. Check out my instagram. I wear...
11K Reach

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