Ngumatjiua Kaiko

Ngumatjiua Kaiko

Ngumatjiua Kaiko


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It's simple I have been dancing for 3 years now For Various Namibian Artist, I choreograph and I'm a dance instructor at a Gym which gives me the opportunity to learn more about fitness and I'm a Gymholic. I'm talkative always helping others with my voice I reach out and talk to people about life and acceptance. A year ago I worked as a Promoter for broll Namibia and I acquired different kinda skills from that experience, let's say when one does promotion work you learn how to talk to people to get them interested in talking to you about what you are promoting. Products I'd like to promote would Be Fitness Products e.g Clothes, water containers, gloves, protein powder anything that has to do with fitness basically. I have natural hair which I embrace and love like crazy so if I could receive natural hair products too since it has become a trend here in Namibia every woman wants to go natural. The dancer in me is going crazy loving the fact that we could also promote sneakers since I'm a sneaker head myself. Last but not least Ngumatjiua is a vibrant person I always know how to turn just about anything into a business and I communicate well with others plus I'm a nude enthusist I take alot of Beautiful artist Nude.


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