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Birawar najm
Birawar najm
I'm Birawar NajmI was born in 1991, the year in which most Kurdish people were refugees to Iran because there was an Uprising of Kurdish...
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Hassan Basim
Hassan Basim
I am a lover of modern technology of all kinds and I am also experienced in it. I love sports, photography and video producti...
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Emad Hussein
Emad Hussein
Asst. Prof. Dr. Emad Kamil Hussein was born in Babil, Iraq, in 1972. He received the Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from the Nahrai...
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سهى ابراهيم
سهى ابراهيم
خريجه بكلوريوس هندسة زراعيه خدمت في بعض الاماكن الزراعيه  عملت في بعض اماكن الترويج هوايات الكتابه والقراءه لقصص  ا...
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