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The Intellifluence community is built of more than 80,000 influencers.
This list features the top 10 influencers: Australia.

Wan Cheung profile photo
Wan Cheung
Granny and Ricky have 4.7 Million followers on TikTok
5M Reach
  • $500+
  • $10+
Sophie Fraser profile photo
Sophie Fraser
3M Reach
  • $1,000+
  • $30+
Joel Mielle profile photo
Joel Mielle
 I'm a trained French Chef and previous restaurant owner in Australia, I travel the world for the best food and upload weekly video recipes. Most have...
2M Reach
  • $2,000+
  • $1,000+
Krystal Prisk profile photo
Krystal Prisk
I am the Operations Manager, Campaign Success Guru and Influencer of Stay at Home Mum. SAHM is a website for Mums, by Mums. It is witty, a bit naughty and cover...
594K Reach
  • $3,300+
  • $660+
Ryan Bestulic profile photo
Ryan Bestulic
It all started when… I was THAT kid at school who spent more time watching motorsport and playing Grand Prix 2 and Colin McRae Rally than doing his homework. Th...
488K Reach
  • $150+
  • n/a
Deepti Deepti profile photo
Deepti Deepti
My name is Deepti.I am a Makeup n Beauty Vlogger. I love playing with colors and creating different Makeup looks. I make Beauty and Makeup related videos on Y...
459K Reach
  • n/a
  • n/a
Lee Smith profile photo
Lee Smith
Lifestyle Blogger - based in Sydney Australia! Interested in everything ranging from fashion to travel to pets to food!
404K Reach
  • $250+
  • $250+
Amy Fallan profile photo
Amy Fallan
I'm Amy, I'm 21 Frome Australia and I'm an ambassador for technology as well as other areas. I have a strong input with Nepal and have a broad audie...
306K Reach
  • $10+
  • $10+
@guitarspotter Spotter
235,000+ active engaged followers. Our audience is primarily male and located all over the world however a majority of our followers are from the US. They are i...
281K Reach
  • $50+
  • $50+
Rick Brown profile photo
Rick Brown
Savvy Travel. I post amazing photos and compelling stories of fantastic destinations and amazing products as well as engaging travel tips. My audience is divers...
250K Reach
  • $1+
  • $1+
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