Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

Regan Hillyer is a self-made Multimillionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Mindset Coach, Lifestyle, Travel and  Wellness Influencer. On Instagram, 73% of her 550,000 followers are women who are genuinely interested in Regan's advice when it comes to sustainable luxury brands, cruelty-free cosmetics, wellness, and mindful traveling; she can easily connect sustainable brands with her eco-conscious audience.

She is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to helping people have it all on their terms, in whatever way that looks like for them. 

Regan is the creator of the Energetic Architecture Method, a unique manifestation modality that uses the quantum field to allow people to return to their natural state, in every area of their life. 


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I will post your products on my story

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I will engage with you on Instagram

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