Last Updated on December 14, 2020

We get that there are many Influencer marketing platforms out there.

So what makes Intellifluence special? We have worked tirelessly to develop a service that businesses of all sizes can actually afford to use. While a fair number of platforms focus on celebrity Influencers, we recognize the value of peer-level Influencers because studies have shown they are actually more influential.

In order to keep things simple, we offer four plans with straightforward monthly pricing:


Our introductory plan enables businesses to test the waters of influencer marketing by creating up to three campaigns with offers that are open to the entire Intellifluence Influencer network via our Marketplace. If you want to take it even further, you can opt to make your offer open to the public as well. I know that’s a mouthful, but it’s pretty simple: You create a campaign with an offer based on your product or service and Influencers can apply to be a part of your campaign(s).

An example would be if I developed a running shoe and wanted some love on social media. I would create my running shoe campaign on Intellifluence with an offer to send Influencers my shoes to try out in exchange for an honest review posted to their various social media accounts. Once my campaign is live, it will appear in the public Marketplace where Influencers can see it an apply to be a part of my campaign. Since I want as much exposure as possible, I elect to open it up to the Intellifluence partners for syndication.

Once you start receiving applications, you can approve or deny them. Your offer is visible for 30 days and you can receive up to 50 applications from Influencers (per campaign).

You also have the ability to send product and/or service pitches to Influencers. Begin by using our Discover tool to search our entire network of Influencers and narrow down your search using the Advanced Filter tools. With this Starter plan, you can send up to 50 pitches per campaign, so a total of 150 pitches across three campaigns per month.

We offer a two-fold approach to influencer marketing where you have active offers in the Marketplace while you simultaneously pitch Influencers that are experts in your niche. We categorize Influencers by their specialties so if you’re looking for top business influencers, we’ve got those for you.

For brands that want to take their campaigns to the next level, let’s take a look at our most popular plan:


This plan takes everything that’s great about the Starter plan and amplifies the monthly campaign, application and campaign pitch limits. It also gives you the ability to make your campaigns private, if you prefer to simply pitch Influencers.

With the Regular plan, you can use our Discover Tool to pitch individual Influencers, or groups at a time. Our Advanced Filter tool makes it a breeze to find the Influencers that can best represent your product or service.

You’ll enjoy the ability to run 10 campaigns at once, receive up to 100 Marketplace applications while your offer is visible for the entire month and you can pitch up to 500 additional Influencers after you have added them to your campaign(s) via the Discover tool. Remember, these Marketplace Applications and Campaign Pitch totals are per campaign (of which you can have 10 active per month).

Many people love this plan, and you’ll notice it is our most popular one.


Unlike most mobile phone providers, we offer a plan that is truly without limits. You’ll be able to use all of our features to your heart’s content. If you are a large business or marketing firm, you’ll definitely want to go with this plan to handle your high-volume campaigns. This includes the Discover tool including advanced filters, Intellifluence Messaging, Marketplace public and private offers and much more. You’ll also get a Dedicated Account Manager to help you with any area of the service.

All plans come with full access to our vast (and growing) network of Influencers, cash payments administered though Intellifluence Payments backed by the Intellifluence Promise as well as campaign and transaction reporting. Hopefully this helps you choose the plan that fits your needs. Choosing a plan is as simple as clicking register now. If you ever need to change plans, no worries! We’ve made that very easy to do. We hope you join today and look forward to helping you reach your influencer marketing goals!