Last Updated on June 9, 2020

As the title suggests, we have some new features to discuss — I was hoping they’d be done at the same time as our GDPR updates, but then no one would have read such an update. :)

Syndicated Marketplace Offers

When using Intellifluence, depending on the subscription plan, brands had three ways of running a campaign:

  1. Run a private campaign, pitching only those influencers you want to specifically pitch that match the filters of your campaign.
  2. Create an offer for our internal marketplace of influencers and allow those that match your preset campaign filters to pitch you (this has been super popular).
  3. A combination of the first two: outbound pitching and inbound handling of influencer pitches.

Today we’re adding a little extra spice to that meatball by allowing brands to opt-in to marketplace offer syndication. What is this? Let’s say you’re an ecom brand that sells a cosmetic product and are looking for Instagrammers. On a public marketplace offer, your offer would exist in our internal marketplace, but would also be syndicated to areas we believe would beneficial for direct offer recruitment (i.e. a forum of cosmetics enthusiasts, a subreddit on beauty products, or a Facebook group for beauty-oriented Instagrammers). We are sensitive to the privacy of our brands, so this feature is opt-in only; we won’t just take your normal internal marketplace offer and tell the world. If you choose to syndicate your offer though, you better believe we’ll try to tell the world about. Since syndication is so new, it is currently free for all subscription plans.

An example of a public marketplace offer for user insights.

Blogger Influencer Filter Improvements

Another request we’re happy to provide today is additional filtering on blogs. We love using LinkResearchTool’s scoring, and now can offer filtering based on selected data from Majestic, SEMrush, Alexa, and Moz. Get to the people you want to be working with, faster.

New blog website metrics on influencer profile pages and corresponding filters within Discover.

Speaking of faster, brands will also notice on filters a new drop-down that will preselect filters based on campaigns chosen. If you’re juggling a couple dozen campaigns like some of crazy enterprise clients of ours, we’ll save you a bit of time helping you toggle back and forth so you can jump in and out of campaigns with far less confusion.

A lot more is coming for brands in the next few weeks that should really help improve your efficiency in going from initial campaign setup to completed transaction, so I’m very happy to have you all along for the ride.