Last Updated on June 8, 2020


Like most SaaS companies, we get a lot of feedback from our user base. Some of that feedback for future development is easier to justify on the basis of resource ease or high expected impact; sometimes though we’re presented with a variety of somewhat conflicting feedback and then need to make design decisions around how to solve that. That’s actually what we want to share today, because we’ve massively reworked our Discover process, to incorporate some of the needs you’ve let us know about.

What needs you ask?

  1. Pagination is a pain when there are a few thousand influencers that might fit a campaign — done, gone, infinite scroll for the win. On some browsers this was also causing an issue where a brand might select a number of influencers to add to a bulk campaign and paginate prior to adding to the campaign, losing those selected influencers. No longer!
  2. Quicker overlay decisions to view a profile or add to a campaign — some users didn’t like the old hunt and peck process for finding and clicking links and wanted a more rapid and standardized method to get to the desired information. We hope you like this because we debated it far longer than I thought we would.
  3. Notes — want to have a private note on your interaction with an influencer? Not a problem. This will come in especially handy if you chose to work with influencers multiple times; it should reduce having to read through older transaction threads.
  4. Advanced filters — this was the biggest ask. In the old Discover you could select filters such as Network, GEO, category, but couldn’t apply ranges to them. Now you can apply range filters to any numerical value. Want only Facebook influencers between 1,000-1,000,000 followers that also have an Amazon profile and a blog with a LRT Power Trust score over 7 that are willing to view pitches under $250? We have you covered.

The best way to show you all of this, of course, is by one of Andrew’s walk through videos.

He’s been putting them up on the Intellifluence YouTube channel, and they’re saving me a lot of time when answering questions on how a piece of the system works; check them out.  I hope you find the video helpful and hope you like the new Discover process. Keep the feedback coming and we’ll keep building the product you need to meet your influencer marketing needs.