Sue Painter Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-03-30T17:29:53+00:00March 30th, 2021|

An entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Sue Painter provides strategic planning and marketing to small business owners. She is an expert in social media marketing and in conscious leadership and has been featured on CNN, Fox News, NBC, CBS and ABC. Sue's second business, Travel Changes Life, [...]

Valentina Chirico Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-03-31T21:59:40+00:00March 23rd, 2021|

Valentina Chirico is an expat Italian editor and archaeologist living in Birmingham, UK. An Intellifluence Trusted Blogger, Valentina founded a beauty blog in 2009 and has collaborated with premier brands such as Lush, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Avon, Maybelline and Nutree Cosmetics, to name a few. After rebranding in [...]

Celia Abernethy Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-03-19T21:10:59+00:00March 19th, 2021|

Originally from New York, Celia Abernethy is living la dolce vita in Northern Italy. After a career in fashion and design school in Milan, Celia created and later, to showcase her writing and online marketing skills and is an Intellifluence Trusted Blogger. Celia has been featured [...]

Barbara Fava Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-03-15T22:59:28+00:00March 15th, 2021|

Barbara Fava describes herself as Italian as the espresso (born in Milan) and currently based in Belgium. As a content creator, Intellifluence Trusted blogger and lifestyle influencer, Barbara primarily writes about beauty, fashion, and travel. Additionally, Barbara is also a professional sports announcer and stunt rider. Some of [...]

Daniela Titiun Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-02-03T20:25:49+00:00February 3rd, 2021|

Daniela Titiun is a certified Tea Sommelier, fashion lover, crafter and travel addict. Daniela’s background is in business and fashion, but she’s always had a thing for tea. What started as a preference turned into a passion and she created a website called Tea Cachai, which features tea [...]

Nina Cole Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-01-29T22:10:36+00:00January 29th, 2021|

Nina Cole has worked with some of the top pet brands reviewing attire, products, services, pet-friendly hotels, and places. Nina is the founder of Nina’s Nannies for Pets, an award-winning pet and home sitting service based in the United Kingdom. Nina also started a blog called When Nina [...]

Kelly Calhoun Influencer Spotlight

By |2023-01-04T18:56:26+00:00January 20th, 2021|

Kelly Calhoun is a popular influencer who describes herself as a professional storyteller. With a background in modeling, sports, fashion and tech, Kelly is an accomplished brand ambassador who has been featured in Business Insider, Jetset Magazine and Raleigh’s The News & Observer, to name a few. You [...]

Nicole Randone Influencer Spotlight

By |2021-12-01T22:14:44+00:00January 12th, 2021|

Nicole Randone runs a nostalgia-based Instagram account dedicated to fashion and pop culture throwbacks of the early 2000s. Additionally, Nicole creates early 2000s inspired videos on her YouTube channel. Last November, Nicole was featured in The New York Times in an article titled Teens Are Super Obsessed With [...]

LAUREN MAYHEW Influencer Spotlight

By |2020-12-28T22:40:20+00:00November 18th, 2020|

Lauren Mayhew has been singing and acting since the age of 10. As an accomplished entertainer, Lauren has sung for Michael Jackson and has starred in movies such as American Pie Presents: Band Camp and Raise Your Voice as well as shows such as CSI, Law & Order, [...]

JESSICA STRANGE Influencer Spotlight

By |2020-12-28T22:41:08+00:00October 28th, 2020|

Jessica Strange is a mountain bike journalist, guide, mechanic, outdoor enthusiast and trail runner based in the United Kingdom. In 2015, Jessica launched the website Velo Me, a space dedicated to encouraging more women to step out of their comfort zones and get active with mountain biking. The [...]

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