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Chris "Burr" Martin and his daughter became Internet superstars back in 2016 when Chris began recreating daughter Cassie’s selfies and sharing them on social media. In order to intimidate boys who were commenting on Cassie’s pictures, Chris spent hours copying her selfies down to the outfit, tattoos, poses, piercings and [...]

CAMILLE WALKER Influencer Spotlight

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Camille Walker represents one half of the popular My Mommy Style blog, which she manages with her life long best friend and cousin Melissa. From recipes to parenting topics and home décor ideas, My Mommy Style was created to share ideas than inspire Moms to live a happy life as [...]

ERIN SEILHAN Influencer Spotlight

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Erin Seilhan runs a popular Instagram and Facebook account for her cat, Shelby. Erin describes Shelby as a spoiled diva who loves food, alcohol and fashion – just kidding of course. Erin incorporates humor into all her posts featuring Shelby. It all started when Erin adopted a cat and named [...]

ISAIAH GRASS Influencer Spotlight

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Isaiah Grass is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago. As a popular music influencer, Isaiah has worked with companies such as: Macy's, Cheez-It crackers, Bud Light, McDonalds, among others on their social media campaigns, as well as their music events. Most recently, Isaiah performed the National Anthem for the opening of [...]

TINA ACOSTA Influencer Spotlight

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Tina Acosta describes her mid-west household as a “Motley Zoo” made up of six dogs, two cats and a turtle. As a breed ambassador, Tina enjoys attending events and using social media as a platform to promote a positive outlook for the Chow breed. She also uses her platform to [...]

ASHLEY RENNE Influencer Spotlight

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Ashley Renne is a popular green living Intellifluence influencer and the creator of the blog Travel Lushes, which focuses on sustainable travel, lifestyle and tech. Ashley helps savvy travel addicts live adventurously green lives and dive deep into the local culture of each destination she features. Previously, Ashley help producer [...]

IGNACE ALEYA Influencer Spotlight

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Ignace Aleya is a Belgium-based YouTube content creator, filmmaker, visual FX artist and entertainment influencer on Intellifluence. At the age of 14, Ignace found his passion for film and started making short films until he was discovered on YouTube by some directors to do visual effects for a feature film [...]

JAMES HILLS Influencer Spotlight

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James Hills is the creator and publisher of, a lifestyle and travel site that covers food, drinks, technology gadgets, and automotive as well as other topics related to men's lifestyle. The site began over ten years ago and serves as an expert resource for men and dads who love [...]

LESLIE ROSSI Influencer Spotlight

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Leslie Rossi is a thirty-something Vancouverite with a love for cocktails, lipstick, dessert & that perfect pair of shoes. Leslie loves to work with brands and products for lifestyle, beauty, food, cocktails, home and garden, travel and fashion. Leslie established her blog, A Life Well Consumed, in 2014 and it [...]

KATHY HAAN Influencer Spotlight

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Kathy Haan is a lifestyle blogger, world traveler, mom of 3, and business coach with an MBA from Purdue University Global. Kathy’s work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, PARADE, and more. She has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world like Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy, [...]