KRISTYN BURTT Influencer Spotlight

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Kristyn Burtt is an award-winning host, reporter and producer. She has covered the red carpet and behind the scenes at the Oscars, Emmys and Tony Awards and her work has been seen on AOL, MSN, Yahoo Lifestyle and Insider, to name a few. Currently, she is the West Coast Correspondent [...]

DAVID GNOZZI Influencer Spotlight

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David Gnozzi is the host and CEO of MixbusTV, a YouTube channel dedicated to professional recording, mix and mastering tutorials, music production tips & tricks, Unbiased video reviews of pro and home audio gear, new tech & gadgets. David is also a platinum mix and mastering engineer and producer with [...]

KRISTEN TUFF SCOTT Influencer Spotlight

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Kristen Tuff Scott describes her self as just one girl, telling it like it is. Kristen was featured on season 5 of CMT’s Redneck Island and is currently a social media influencer living on a ranch, sharing insights into her daily life. As an influencer, Kristen enjoys a reach of [...]

PASCAL GUYON Influencer Spotlight

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Pascal Guyon is a multi-platinum music producer, having contributed to contributed to 3 Grammy Nominations. Pascal grew up in a small village in the French countryside and eventually ended up in Los Angeles where he has worked with music elites from around the world. In addition to music, Pascal is [...]

BRENNAN MEJIA Influencer Spotlight

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Actor, personal trainer and acrobat Brennan Mejia is best known for his role as red ranger in the Power Rangers Dino Charge series. Additionally, Brennan has been in series such as Supergirl, 90210, iCarly, CSI: Miami and American Ninja Warrior, to name a few. Brennan has been involved in the world [...]

ANDY MAGRO Influencer Spotlight

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Actor Andy Magro went from living in a small town in Germany to being surrounded by some of Hollywood’s finest. One of Andy’s most prominent roles as an actor was in the 2011 Golden Globe-nominated film A Dangerous Method. In it, Andy played son of Sigmund Freud, Jean-Martin alongside Keira [...]

ISAIAH GRASS Influencer Spotlight

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Isaiah Grass is a singer/songwriter based in Chicago. As a popular music influencer, Isaiah has worked with companies such as: Macy's, Cheez-It crackers, Bud Light, McDonalds, among others on their social media campaigns, as well as their music events. Most recently, Isaiah performed the National Anthem for the opening of [...]

GREG FLORES Influencer Spotlight

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Greg Flores is a Key Grip in the film industry and a social media influencer on Intellifluence. Greg runs a social media brand named Grip Rigs and also runs a website at that has everything related to the Grip Industry worldwide. Greg has worked on many prominent films and [...]