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Jens Mayer is a German digital creator who regularly posts about the German language, culture, and humor. Jen’s TikTok account, TV Jenson, has grown to over 237,000 followers. You can find Jens on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, to name a few.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, including your background, and what started the shift into becoming an influencer?

Yeah, I worked 10 years in a bank, then I started business psychology, so I was on the more serious side of life, but I always had a passion of editing, recording videos, since my childhood, so really since the 10 or 12, it was 10 or 12 years. I always did videos and love to share this with my friends.

And then of course social media got popular, and I used a chance also for my passion. So yeah, since nine years, I’ve [created] videos on social media, and getting more and more successful.

What separates your content from other peoples? What makes your content unique?

I always love to travel, I always love cultures, and yeah, since five years I am, for example, in an international relationship, with a Brazilian, I’ve always lived in flats, shared flats with international students, so I always had this daily context about differences in cultures and languages, and that’s how I started with the new niche. I have also a travel niche, a travel couple content, and now the newest of them, is TV Jensen.

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In total, I have more than one million followers, but TV Jensen is one of them with 300,000 in total. So TV Jensen, I was sitting in my new chat flat in my abroad semester, and thought, I heard about a new flatmate, he came from America, and I thought, what kind of video should I do now? And then I had the idea, I give him just difficult German words, and he should try to pronounce that. And yeah, this was one of the first viral videos for me, so I thought, okay, people are interested in this kind of videos, and then I just kept going with comedy aspect, language aspect, culture aspects, about the German language.

Photo courtesy of Jens Mayer.

And the last days I posted a new video about Brazil, German, culture difference and many say, “Please do more videos about that,” And I think that’s a good idea, which I can do in future with my wife. So yeah, people like that.

You have a lot going on, so what does an average day look like for you? How do you manage a business, your social media, in addition to all of the traveling that you do?

So is not a general day. Every day is different. There is mostly spontaneously, and after finishing my thesis, I worked the last hours of the day. When I had to finish my thesis, I was so productive from 11:00 PM to 03:00 AM or 02:00 AM, I don’t know why, and as I kept this on social media, so the last two, three hours before I got sleeping, I editing, I edit videos, or I write some ideas down.

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But on the day, a mix of everything. Sometimes recording, traveling, studying for university, but in a couple of months I start working, so on that time, it’ll be more fixed, with a fixed schedule.

There’s a lot of elements of humor in what you produce, so where do you find inspiration for that humor, or your ideas for those videos?

For example, the video with my Brazilian wife, because we have in the last five years, a lot of situations where I understand much more about my own culture, about her culture, in comparison to other cultures. Also, in daily life, with the students I lived, or the shared flats, and friends all over the world I have, so there is a lot of funny things coming up, and this is perfect for a video.