Kristen Valenzuela

Kristen Valenzuela

United States

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I am a college student from Houston, Texas who LOVESSS to try new things!! I am obsessed with makeup, clothes and anything for a healthy lifestyle! Trying new products is my favorite thing and I love to find things I really like and share them with my friends and family. I am constantly looking for the newest and hottest brands to try and I am always on the lookout for new products from brands! The people I am closest to truly value my opinion on products and will almost always go out and buy it if I say that I love it. I would truly be opening to trying any kinds of products from household items, to beauty and skincare, to clothing, technology and just anything fun and new!  I am in the 20-25 age range and have a large social media impact with friends and family. I frequently review products and brands that get a lot of attention afterwards from my word of mouth since people trust my opinion of a product if I really like it. I work as a dental assistant at an office in Houston,TX and I often suggest products to co-workers as well as the numerous patients and their families who come in each day. Not to mention I have a huge family and friend network that takes my opinions seriously on products. They are always on the lookout for products to send out for their businesses as well. I have a background as a product tester for multiple popular sites and know the responsibility I have of getting back to brands in a timely manner. I think I would be a great asset for your brand if you choose me!

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