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I will Give a 15-30 second plug in a video

1 Video Review on YouTube

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About this offer

We will give our recommendation for your product or service in or videos. A typical video is seen by 1-4k people across both YouTube & Newsbreak. Almost all of these individuals live in Utah and are basketball fans so if you are trying to reach that market we'd be a great fit.

We will also include a section about your brand in the description and pinned comment. We are open to all payment methods including affiliate links, product gifts, and cash. We realize we're small so we try to be reasonable and work with you, but if you are sending a product or wanting us to use an affiliate link we will likely ask for more than our base $25 in value.

The Base price is per video for 15-30 seconds. Unless you specify otherwise we may include the plugin a live stream which may get less reach but we will engage in back and forth conversation with those who are watching live so it will be a more meaningful impression.

About the influencer

Nathan Mortensen

Nathan Mortensen

498 Reach

At Called Bank Sports we bring news updates as well as our take on the Utah Jazz as well as the NBA. We publish content on YouTube, Newsbreak, and across all podcast platforms. 

Our audience is primarily basketball fans in Utah under the age of 30. 

We cover the Utah Jazz both in prerecorded videos and live streams. We offer plugs in both kinds of videos. The live streams have less reach but more user engagement because we will discuss and answer any questions after our plug so the impressions will be more valuable on livestreams. 


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