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I will tell the truth of your product and let the consumer in on all your best

1 Social Engagement on YouTube

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I'll share the YouTube post with all my email subscribers.
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An in-depth YouTube comment will exceed 100 words.
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About this offer

I love and like quality and once I have found it I don't keep it to myself, so using me is the best decision any marketer can make because I will be influencing your product like it's my own.
so if you are a marketer with a great product and service and need someone to help you reach more people I am your woman.

About the influencer

Gomotsegang Ramaphiri

Gomotsegang Ramaphiri

3 Reach

i am a full-time mom and wife and have a lot of time to work and help the community make best choices.

I have a very beautiful skin and hair that I believe will be an asset to many skincare and haircare companies that have great products they need to reach larger audience for affordable rates.

I am a mother of 4 kids who are 9,6,3 years and 2 months old so I know a lot about kids and what they like and what works for them so when I influence products for kids I will be speaking from experience and I will make sure that other mother make the best choice for their children since I myself am a mother.

I love cooking and baking and I love making new recipes.

I am also very good at motivating people and a once I believe in a product and I have seen that the product is great I talk "sell" it like it's my own.

I am very driven and very eager to get out there and sell a product for any company that offers the best out there especially on social media because I will be helping thousands of people out there to make good and sound choices. 


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