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Johanna Cabral is a full-time fashion blogger who describes herself as a fashionista with a twist. Johanna’s blog, Love2becouture, features different outfits each day, her favorite styles, reviews, collaborations and much more. Johanna encourages readers to not let anyone else define them, their styles or their bodies. Some of Johanna’s collaborations on Love2becouture include Aveda, Charming Charlie and Macy’s. Additionally, Johanna has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show, Plus Model Magazine and FASHOM. As a top shoes influencer, we discussed some of Johanna’s favorite collaborations and brands in general.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you got your start as a fashion blogger and also when you decided to branch out to focus on influencer marketing?

Well I started blogging in 2014 and the reason why was because I was actually helping a blogger that was a model as well for fashion week. And she had an internship posted and I thought this looks pretty good, I want to get into this, I love the fashion industry, I like my own style, and people always tell me how good I dress. So then I interned for two weeks and I helped her with her clothing, I helped her with makeup, going to the shows, [and] even marketing her.

Where we had to give people her cards of her name, her blog, and what she does and from there on she told me herself you have great style and you are a people person why don’t you start your own blog. And ever since that day I wrote my first show and ever from then I started writing and blogging and it became my passion. It’s my baby. I come to it, I write, it makes me happy, I’m able to connect with so many other girls, I stay positive each and every time, and then when it comes to the marketing a lot of brands started coming for me asking me ‘hey would you like to post this’ whether it was paid or unpaid I still took it because that’s the only way you’re going to grow and it’s become such an amazing journey. I really love it.

You describe yourself as a “fashionista with a twist”, can you tell us what the twist is?

A fashionista with a twist. I wear anything and everything from a two piece bathing suit to the teeny weeny going to Miami, I’ll wear a silhouette or I’ll wear a big dress. If it has to do with a maternity dress I will turn it into my own dress. So if there is a pair of shoes that is fifteen dollars I’m going to put it together with the highest brand there is. So I put a twist in all my wardrobe. It’s showing girls you can wear small brands, bigger brands, any type of brand and still twist it around and look your best.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style? Colorful. I won’t say minimalist because I really like vibrant tones. I like to – like on my saddest day I want to wear red, like right now I am wearing red. So I like- it’s just that color pop. Anything to make you smile like you are right now that’s all it’s about me. So I like color, I think color is good. I don’t like to stick to beiges or blacks because it puts me down. So that’s how I describe myself. Happy, really happy [and] always ready to go.

How many pairs of shoes do you think you have? You can round to the nearest hundredth.

Right now I actually have, I won’t lie, a hundred and two pairs. From sneakers to heels to wedges to sandals to boots and everything is in a bucket. And I have some of them lying down on the shoe rack and I have some of them under my bed lying down. [In the bucket you will see it organized by] all in sizes, all in colors, [and] by the name. Franco Santo whether it’s Jason Wu I have each and every one of those. I love shoes.

You’re a full time mom in addition to being a blogger. So how do you structure your average work day?

So I’m a full time blogger but I am also a full time bra fitter. I fit ladies with their bras, I dress them on the bottom. So I have a schedule where it’s a calendar and I put the days where I work in the morning and I put the days in the nighttime of what I’m going to do, what I’m going to write about and I have everything really detailed by outfit, what I want that day and that has helped me manage my blog completely.

To tell you the truth I went out to dinner, I have a Lane Bryant dress from girl with curves, I want to support the line, I wore it yesterday, [and now] I am ready to throw that blog up so I have it all scheduled. It’s all about staying online because if you don’t schedule things you’re really not going to hit that note where you want to be as a blogger. You can’t be all over the place. You have to be very well organized, especially when you want to grow and you want brands to come for you and say “hey look her blog is always point, she is always on time, and it’s always the same”. I don’t want my blog to be all over the place I want it [to be] that when you read it “oh. oh my god Johanna wow, amazing, thank you, She makes me feel so happy” that’s the scheduling for me.

I feel like you just have to stay on top of yourself. Writing it down is really good even if it’s a little note. Okay I wore this dress, I went out to eat boom put the date it helps out so much more. It helps you get there and if somebody wants to ask you what did you do that day you can come off your head and say it without having to lie. I don’t think lying is going to help you, especially when you are scattered. I don’t think it’s good.

What has been you favorite brand partnership to date?

I would love to work with Macy’s. No, I’ve work with Macy’s. I want to work with JCPenney, I would love to. JCPenney would be nice to work with. There’s so many brands out there. Lane Bryant I would love to work. Shoes, Justfab online. They have hundred of shoes. Vince Camuto, I have so many brands. I’m okay to work with different people without a problem but these guys really inspire me. Like Chinese Laundry, they have the most amazing booties. 

Where do see influencer marketing headed both in general and in relation to your own personal brand over the next five years or so?

I think it will go pretty big because I’m marketing each and every day. It’s – I’m marketing myself and I’m marketing brands. I market people [and[ I put it in my blog. It’s not about me only it’s about everybody [and] we’re working together as a whole. So in five years I would love to see love2bcouture expanded flying around the world, people knowing who she is and what it’s about. And ,you know, just digital marketing is big right now [so] being a content creator who know where we’re going to be. Possibly our phones going to turn into flying things, I mean I don’t know.

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