M. SERENA ESSUMAN Influencer Spotlight

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M. Serena Essuman owns a real estate brokerage company with her husband and is also the creator of lifendlemons.com – a lifestyle blog focusing on fashion, parenting hacks, beauty tricks, household tips and food and recipes. A licensed fitness instructor, Serena tweaks many of her recipes on Life and Lemons [...]

MINDY PARISI Influencer Spotlight

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Mindy Parisi is a mother, wife, teacher and the creator of Finding Silver Linings, a blog focused on living an upbeat, creative lifestyle. Launched in 2010, the blog features style inspiration, recipes, do-it-yourself projects, crafts, beauty tips, the occasional cocktail recipe as well as curated content. Mindy describes it as [...]

KAMELIA BRITTON Influencer Spotlight

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Kamelia Britton is a San Diego-based blogger that focuses on travel, lifestyle and inspiration. Originally from Texas, Kamelia decided to take her first big trip overseas to Europe in 2006. Shortly after, Kamelia learned about “travel hacking” and discovered ways to travel to a new country each month for pennies [...]

MAUREEN FITZGERALD Influencer Spotlight

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Maureen Fitzgerald is a mom, wife, dog rescuer and coffee lover. Along with her family, Maureen loves technology, travel, food, gardening, health and beauty and sharing produces that make life easier and more fun. Maureen says her audience is primarily made up of busy moms who are looking for the [...]

JAYTEE TAQUISO Influencer Spotlight

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Jaytee Taquiso is a musician and YouTube influencer based in the Philippines. Jaytee loves doing tutorials, unboxings, reviews and any and all kinds of video on her YouTube channel, which boasts over 85,000 followers. Be sure to check Jaytee out on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter where you can hear [...]

LEAH JACKSON Influencer Spotlight

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Leah Jackson is a mom and YouTube product reviewer. In fact, Leah’s reviews have been featured on the Emmy Award-Winning TV show The Doctors and BuzzFeed. Leah’s interests include health, beauty and traveling, to name a few. According to Leah, she loves to try new products, but she doesn’t like [...]

KATHY HAAN Influencer Spotlight

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Kathy Haan is a lifestyle blogger, world traveler, mom of 3, and business coach with an MBA from Purdue University Global. Kathy’s work has been featured in Forbes, USA Today, PARADE, and more. She has partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world like Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy, [...]