Last Updated on August 21, 2020

While there are quite a few mattress companies out there, nobody rivals GhostBed when it comes to cooling technology, warranties and value. Whether you are looking for a memory foam mattress or adjustable base, GhostBed likely has a solution that will promote better sleep. With over 20,000+ positive reviews and 18 years experience, GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep offers three amazing mattresses, a foundation, adjustable base, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors and more! Additionally, the sleep expert offers flexible financing and payment options, as well as 100% U.S.-based customer service. We spent some time discussing the GhostBed brand, how they use Intellifluence for their influencer marketing needs (outlined in our extensive GhostBed case study) and filmed an unboxing of a mattress.

Andrew: Hello and welcome to the very first brands we love episode of our new series I’m Andrew Evans

Joe (chimes in): And I’m Joe Sinkwitz

Andrew: And in this series we showcase a brand that we love within the Intellifluence network and we’re starting off with one of our favorites, GhostBed.

Joe: Absolutely! We go way back.

Andrew: So what are somethings you love about GhostBed Joe?

Joe: Well what I really like is how GhostBed has always had a really high rating within consumer reports that’s what drew us to even reach out to them in the first place about joining Intellifluence.

Andrew: I love that they pretty much have a mattress for everyone. They have kind of an entry level one, they have the GhostBed the classic, and then they have a Luxe version so pretty much every preference and price point is taken care of.

Joe: And what people may not realize is GhostBed’s parent company Nature’s Sleep has actually been around for about 18 years so while the mattress industry is really exploding now they have been around for a long time. And have sold – how many did they sell? I think over a million sleep products so far so they know what they’re doing.

Andrew: And then for sleepers who want it cool you can’t beat GhostBed. Pretty much every one of their products emphasize the cooling benefit in it and I have influencers contact me all the time behind the scenes “I just cannot get over how cool this product is” the pillow, the sheets, even the protector which I don’t even know how they do that. Another thing that we love about the brand is the warranty. Almost every product has an industry leading warranty. I think the mattress that Eric got has a 20 year warranty on it. So his son is going to be like older than me by the time the warranty is out.

Joe (teasingly says): You’re not that young…

Andrew: Right! It’s a long warranty so we love that. And so yeah on that note our product strategist Eric his son wanted one for his birthday or something.

Joe: Yeah, yeah. He had mentioned to us that it was really weird. Like what 12 year old asks for a new bed for their birthday? It just happened to be that we we’re able to connect with Rich Bernstein, reach out to GhostBed, and get it done for him.

Andrew: I wanted a Nintendo 64 I guess Eric’s kid wanted a GhostBed…

Joe: Priorities. Sleep.

Andrew: Yes! Eric had one directly shipped directly to him with that nice 2-5 day free shipping and we went over to his house and we did an unboxing. So let’s take a look and see how that went. Well that was really neat. Now Eric just needs to figure out how to get GhostBeds for the rest of his family.

Joe: Right. There’s only 3 other kids here.

Andrew: So I want to talk a little bit about GhostBed and the success they had using Intellifluence starting with how did you bring Rich Into the fold?

Joe: Well sure. Well what happened is Rich and I actually go way back to the SEO book community from many many many years ago. We always kept in touch and when he joined GhostBed he reached out to us and said “hey I have this influencer need how are we going to solve this” and so we went out to lunch and penned it down on little napkins with out ice teas and we came away with a strategy to make it a winner.

Andrew: That’s great and I love that we got a nice case study out of the deal which you can go to to check it out we’re just reviewing it.

Joe: It’s right there.

Andrew: Yeah we’re reviewing it right now. And some of the main things that Rich pointed out was that GhostBed saw a 15% increase in traffic to after using Intellifluence for several months.

Joe: That’s important because again they’ve been around for 18 years and they’ve sold over a million products so that was a substantial number for them.

Andrew: Yeah we will take that any day. And then Rich also estimates a three times return on investment?

Joe: Yeah for their ROI on the cost associated, you know. So ROI within Intellifluence it’s not just a matter of whatever your subscription fee happens to be it also takes into account the product as well as cash costs of reaching out to influencer, all the shipping whatnot so he was able to back it out and he still got a 3 times return. So I guess you can call him a ROAS because it’s almost like AdWords but for influencers.

Andrew: Yeah and influencer marketing is just one of the components of their whole marketing strategy. Rich as the digital marketing strategist has a lot of different things going on at once but with Intellifluence and influencer marketing he estimate a 10 to 20 thousand dollar savings over traditional marketing and advertising is what he said.

Joe: Yeah and that was at that point of the time of the case study too so I know that it has increased quite a bit since then. And hopefully this keep going for him so he, you know, make him happy makes us happy everyone wins.

Andrew: Absolutely and he had a lot of nice things to say about his Dedicated Account Manager too.

Joe: Well that’s why they’re a brand we love.

Andrew: Exactly, exactly and I just want to read some of the positive things that Rich said about us for this case study. “It’s been a great tool for getting new eyeballs on the site. Mattresses are a high cost item” exactly “and Intellifluence has helped us reach a broader audience and get them interested in our products and sales funnel and email campaigns”. Another nice thing he said about us is “what won me over at first was the way Intellifluence built trust. They took the time to get to know our brand, what Rich was looking for, and Intellifluence used that to connect GhostBed to hundreds of influencers” Then I got to throw this in there “anytime we had an issue I would email my Account Manager and he would respond so quickly”.

Joe: Well who was the Account Manager on this? And so for enterprise accounts the people you get are like the executives at Intellifluence because we’re like this happened.

Andrew: And then one of the last things he said, which I really love, is so Rich said “he’s done demo calls for a lot of other services that promise success as long as he spends 20 hours a week using it”.

Joe: Yeah

Andrew: So someone who doesn’t have that kind of time he went with the Enterprise plan and got the Dedicated Account Manager which did a lot of the heavy lifting, so.

Joe: Yeah, yeah that’s hard to do. I mean I understand the difficulties within SAAS to make that happen so thankfully we eat our own dog food internally. So we know what to do and  how to make it work.

Andrew: Yeah, so with all that said what are some things GhostBed could do in the future with Intellifluence?

Joe: Well one thing I’ve noticed is they do a lot of individual campaigns where they’ll do, you know, reviews on video or reviews on blog post, Instagram, Pinterest they’ve been all over the place. What I’d like to see them start doing is chain all these together where they focus on getting the more difficult pieces first like the video reviews. Get those embedded in the blog post, get other influencers to start sharing those blog post, and kind of create this self-fulfilling positive feedback loop when they do that they’re probably going to see the traffic start to increase quite a bit. The hard thing is it becomes difficult to attribute whose sale really made it which is probably why it hasn’t happened, yet but I think the overall amount of influencer attributed sales will spike when they do that. So I’m really looking forward to pushing them in that direction and I know that we’re now finally in – I won’t say in bed with them but we’re in deep in terms of as they’re rolling out new products we’re getting to see hey they’re going to have this product here’s how we could position it with the influencers they’ve already worked with and make that a win from day one.

Andrew: Very cool. It’s very exciting, great results, and they’re only going to keep growing. And until next time on Brands We Love I’m Andrew Evans…

Joe: I’m Joe Sinkwitz.

Andrew: And we will see you soon.