Shama parveen

Shama parveen


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I am a Travel & Food Blogger, Property Reviewer and Content creator. A you-tuber and a Spoiled Daughter. I love travelling Solo (which my Mom hates) and eating desserts and Spicy food, Watching Horror Movies and Series (Netflix). Music is my passion (I can't sing nor play any instrument). I love writing stories also (My experiences). I want my viewers, my friends to explore unseen places and do activities that a traveler would do within a budget (of course). I also want people to understand that travelling is not an waste of time and money, its an investment you do in yourself. I like Open minded people that are ready to absorb new knowledge any time anywhere. I also love reading new books that really teaches you something. I am also fond of Gardening. Love the anything that smells like "Rose". Huge Fan of of Nicole Tesla and Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Neil D. Tyson and David Attenborough and Keanu Reeves . Loves Ocean and Scuba Diving . Huge Huge Fan of Space Exploration. Travel Xp, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and NDTV good times are what i watch if i am not travelling.

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