Ruben Asuncion

Ruben Asuncion

United States

speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

I am a camera enthusiast, I do photography and videography for almost 5 yrs in third party sellers on Amazon for their products. Me as the camera man , editor together with my goodlooking  friends, we were making a new Youtube Unboxing channel, focusing on unboxing, how it works?, how to connect?, is it worth it?, and the best of online products at price range..

 I do Travel a lot and I do everything to fit on my schedule ,This is 100% of my Hobby and also to help my friends to earned.  at age of 24 I also owned several businesses, including trading and importation., I'm just enjoying my life and making it busy. . I uploaded almost 510 videos on youtube gaining 1000+ SUBS, 290 Blog articles, and I gain 16.5k followers on Instagram and Snapchat in just 7 months and it keeps growing because I love tagging and using hashtags to reach more people.

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