keith mwenya

keith mwenya


speedometerThat's some serious marketing potential!

I am an entrepreneur, Bitcoin enthusiast, forex trader/mentor, investment advisor and a developer.

I do SEO, do web development aswel as coach people in the entrepreneur space.

I will offer the following services to my clients:


-One on one investment advise.

- How to double your investment in the shortest possible time.

- What opportunities are available out there for you to grab.

- Reaching out to your target market effectively.

- Social media consultancy

- SEO Consultancy.

- Digital Marketing Consultancy.

Crypto-Currency services: 


-Crypto wallet setup

-Buying/Selling crypto assets.

- Withdrawing to Bank account.

-Investments/Mining platforms available.

- Picking the right crypto for maximum profits.

- Choosing the right Ethereum Smart Contract.

Exchange Services.

- How to use the different types of exchanges like binance, Okex, Poloniex.

- Choosing the right pairs to buy low/sell high (Arbitrage)


- How to setup your meta trader account

- Choosing the right brokers.

- Forex/index Strategies to get you winning.

- Catching spikes on boom/crash

- How to know which times brokers are asleep so you catch them unaware with profits.

Network Marketing:

- Introducing you to the industry leaders in Africa, Asia,Europe,America who make not less than $10,000 per day at your disposal to know their secrets to success.

- Introducing to Millionaires in Forex,Crypto,Hedge funds, Real estate and have a one on one chat

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