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I will review your product and share it with my puppy friends!

1 Video Review on TikTok

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About this offer

Our two pups (Brody and Indiana) will take a video interacting with and reviewing your product!
We will post the review/informational video on our TikTok page, and we will also post 2-3 stories about the product.
TikTok is our largest platform, but we just started an Instagram and Facebook as well (IG: @brodyandindy), and will share the content to those pages as well.

About the influencer

Deidra Orris

Deidra Orris

4K Reach

Meet Brody and Indiana - two Las Vegas based rescue pups turned best friends and brothers! We love play time, bugging our older sister, trying new snacks, and snuggling with Mom and Dad. 

We spend lots of time in our backyard, and visiting our grandma (she has a pool!). Dad works from home, and we love watching TV and listening to audiobooks with him while he works - don't worry, he also makes sure we get our mandatated fetch and tug-of-war breaks!
Once the weather warms up, we can't wait to start going on lots of adventures to showcase the great outdoors! We have some awesome national parks, mountains, hiking, and lakes near us. 

Being rescue pups, we are passionate about helping other dogs find their fur-ever homes. There are so many great dogs out there looking for their people!

We would love to work with your brand to show all of our pals your awesome pet gear, home goods, or snacks and food! Being young pups (Brody is 9 months, and Indiana is 4 months) we love sharing things that we discover as we grow! Trying new snacks and toys, testing out the latest dog bed, and finding the best pet accessories is what we are best at - and Mom and Dad are best at finding pet friendly items for their home that are puppy friendly.

Brody is 100% a Velcro dog, and loves having his people with him, so we are always working on making sure he doesn't get to anxious when we have to leave the house. Indiana doesn't get too anxious, but he is one itchy puppy! All puppies are perfect, but they do come with their own challenges as well.

Brody and Indy would love to talk with you to see what they might be able to bring to your company or brand!

Follow along with us for adventures and lots of cuddles.


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