Alicia Todisco

Alicia Todisco

United States

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Nationally Certified Personal Trainer Alicia Todisco is based in Los Angeles, CA and holds her credentials through the American Council on Exercise. Alicia’s primary specialty is functional fitness, which aims to improve the body’s ability to perform at optimal levels throughout all acts of daily living. Alicia crafts her unique training methodology from combined research-backed progressive strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, drawing upon principles of corrective exercise, yoga, and cognitive psychology to leverage the powerful connection between body and mind.

Alicia grew up in the greater Boston area and began to participate in organized athletics as soon as she took her first steps. Alicia developed a competitive nature through her upbringing, largely crediting her father, who enlisted her to play boy’s baseball “in order to make her a more aggressive athlete.” On the sidelines, Alicia privately battled against anxiety, body dysmorphia, and seasonal affective disorder — too embarrassed and ashamed to discuss it with anyone. She became fascinated in understanding and overcoming the complexities of the human psyche and went on to major in Psychology, earning her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

In her early 20’s, Alicia developed chronic pain that could not be diagnosed nor treated. In time, Alicia noticed a correlation between days beginning with exercise and days living with less pain. Exercise transformed her life in an unimaginable way, and it was because of this that Alicia decided to turn her passion into a career.

In 2017 Alicia started her own business and as her clients amounted great success, so too did she. In February 2018, one month after Alicia's 30th birthday, her fiancé Cody Beverstock passed away suddenly from a rare form of Leukemia that neither of them knew he had. More than ever before, exercise was Alicia’s lifeline. Alicia felt if she gave up that cancer would win twice... she was determined to take something horrible and to “create something beautiful” in honor of her late fiancé. Alicia returned to work in May of 2018, her passion for fitness moving her forward. Alicia is committed to sharing her story and educating others on how exercise may transform their lives too.

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